Day 2

One problem with a streak is that you slowly clear out the area around you. It will unfortunately happen. Today, while looking for some caches to go after, I picked one close and one a bit further away. Both have been on my list for a while.

For the first one, I went after Always people fishing here. Located near some of my own caches, this cache is actually a replacement for a previous cache at this lake that the owner archived due to muggling. I had found that previous one, which was a simple traditional. The new one was a puzzle, and involved a simple transposition cipher.

Now, I had solved this some time back and verified the coordinates with the provided coordinate checker link. The coords were loaded into GSAK. Over and over again, I kept passing this one up for various reasons until today. I was heading in that direction so decided to go after it.

The cache page warns of muggles and because of the fishing at the lake, muggles were definitely there. After I parked, I grabbed my gear and began in one direction before turning around to go a different direction. My coords took me to one side of the lake. I battled some mother geese as I worked my way to the site, only to find that the coords took me to the middle of a field. Finding a nearby table, I tried to resolve the puzzle, but forgot how I had done it the first time so that didn’t work. Finally, I called Flo., who was at GeoWoodstock VII. She was able to direct me to the general area I needed to be, which happened to be on the opposite side of the lake from where I was. Off I went.

Once at the site, I looked around a bit before I finally found the well hidden cache. I exchanged TBs and signed the log. Once rehidden, I was off to cache #2.

For the second cache, I decided on Missouri’s First – Watts Mill. Watts Mill is just that, the first geocache in Missouri and Kansas City. It’s code is GC37, and with it hidden on 6/20/2000, it sits as the second oldest active cache that I have found (after Arikaree – 5/31/2000). I’ve been meaning to go after this one for a while and today was the day.

Once parked, I checked out the nearby historical markers before hiking down the trail to GZ.  The cache page clearly says there is a nice path right to the GZ from the main trail.  Thinking I had found it, I began my search as JadeFalcon called to make plans for our cache run tomorrow.  Guess what?  I soon realized that I was on the wrong path.  The path I wanted was about another 50 feet down the main trail.  I found the site and went back to grab my gear from the previous spot when I noticed some muggles.  Quickly ducking back into the brush, I took a seat near my gear on the cliff above the creek.

Eventually, after the phone call ended, I went over and grabbed the cache, dropping two TB’s and taking one.  My streak continues.

By the way.  I’m really upset with myself for not pushing myself into flying to Nashville for GeoWoodstock 7.  Work made it difficult for timing everything. But I will redeem myself for that one.  I just found out that GeoWoodstock 8 was announced and I’ve already logged a will attend. How can I be so sure? It was announced that it will occur on July 4th weekend of 2010. Work won’t be a problem and I can clearly plan that as my big vacation for the year. WOO-HOO!

Day 2 – 2 caches
Total caches during streak – 4 caches


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