Day 3

Today, for day 3, I went out caching with JadeFalcon again. Our trip was to hit some new caches that had popped up in West Kansas City. However, at about 5:45 I got a phone call about going after an FTF. I took the bait and we started with some new plans.

The new cache, called Home Improvements (The Honey Do List), was by Woodland Clan. Published last night, as of this morning it still had no finders. With a quick hop online to help figure out why geochecker was telling him incorrect for the final coordinates, we quickly figured out why and had the verified final location. Hanging up the phone, I hopped in the shower, packed, and hit the road.

Once at the cache site, we didn’t take long to find it and confirmed that we actually got an FTF on this. That makes it FTF #25 for me. As I write this, we still are the only finds on this one. Despite this being in a territory that FTF finders are abundant, we think we were able to pull this off with so many people out of town for either Memorial Day or GeoWoodstock VII. Either way, we were happy.

Moving on, we attempted another one that we had to DNF, only to find it when we went back at the end of our day. Eventually, we made it over to the area where a new series of Hike ‘n Bike caches had been placed on a trail. Parking in the middle, we prepared for the hike.

Most of the caches were not too hard, and we picked up a few others along the way (and some travel bugs and geocoins). We didn’t get FTF on anything as Pax42 and a few others had already been through (Pax had gotten FTF on 9 out of the 11 new caches). But, we did find one that earned me a high five from Jade. It was Hike or Bike ’09 #14…a bridge cache.

Bridge caches can go either way. Some are quick and easy with the caches located in spots that are typical spots or easy to see. Some can be devilish. This one was devilish. It was a small gift card tin camo’ed to blend in. And it was a doozy when you consider that muggles were frequent on this trail. Eventually, after much searching, we were ready to call it and move on. I decided to take one more look on each side at a specific angle. The first side produced something out of place and Jade helped verify that it was just cobwebs as I directed him to the spot. The other side produced something else. Thinking it was cobwebs again, he once again followed my directions before getting a huge grin on his face. We had it. Definitely the highlight of my searching skills today.

At a later Hike or Bike cache, I retrieved a FTF prize that Pax left for someone else. It was an unactivated 2007 Kansas Sunshine coin. I already have two 2008 and one 2009 versions. I did not have a 2007, 2006, and I believe there is even a 2005 version. Since the last unactivated one we had found I let Jade have, he let me have this one to help round out my collection a bit more. We verified it was unactivated with his phone. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized that I had lost the coin, possibly on the trail somewhere today. I have two possible spots that I am going to try and go back and look for them at, but otherwise this one is lost. I am quite PO’ed right now.

But, beyond that we had a good day. I got 33 caches today and one FTF. Not a bad day. It also put me a lot closer to my side goal of averaging 100 caches a month. By my calculations, I have around 15 more to find before the end of the month to keep that going. Definitely doable this month.

Day 3 – 33 caches
Streak – 3 days
Total finds during streak – 37 caches.


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