Day 4

Today was a quick pickup to keep up my streak.  I needed to run some errands and after figuring out where I’d be, I chose to go after Button, Button, a traditional located in a wooded park in Overland Park.

Button, Button was a decently placed cache.  The hint on the cache page threw me a bit, but I think I figured out why.  It mentioned a hole in a tree that was voided on the chance something lived in it.  It also mentioned that if I was more than 100 feet away when I left the trail, I was likely coming from the wrong direction.  My only concern was that where I left the trail was about 215 feet away, and having walked down the trail a bit I couldn’t figure out if it would turn back around as it was taking me further away.  Near the 215 foot mark, I found a deer trail through the brush and took that, leading me right to the cache.  Of course, my GPSr was a bit lower on accuracy due to the heavy trees and it ended up being the second spot I looked in after being about 30 – 40 feet away at another tree.  I signed the log and dropped in two geocoins.

Unfortunately, I have to wait to log it.  I contacted the owner of a cache I found yesterday that wasn’t published yet.  It was part of a set of caches put together by a city council around a suburb of KC.  Each cache had a listing of all five caches, but one wasn’t published yet.  Since I have about five caches to log from yesterday (including that one), I have to wait for word back.  I assume I didn’t hear anything today because of the holiday.  Hopefully, I’ll find out more tomorrow.

In other news, I submitted a new event cache last night to coincide with an event in Northern Nebraska June 20th.  More details will come about after it gets published.

Day 4 – 1 cache

Streak – 4 days

Total Caches during streak – 38 caches


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