Day 5

For day 5, I had plans to head back down to Harrisonville.  I have one cache down there I have not been able to find and now I was armed with a clue.  It was time to take this one off my list.

The cache is called Magneto: Half magnet, half ghetto. Located in a park in Northern Harrisonville, I have been to this cache THREE TIMES already. The cache is located on a caboose and has a D/T rating a 5/1.5.

My first visit began with watching a cat move onto the caboose. Twice I almost banged my head against the underside of the caboose when I either saw a tail swing into my view or turned to find myself staring into the cat’s eyes about two feet away. So I left.

The second visit had muggles. Scratch that attempt.

The third visit was a few weeks ago when I went to the Miami County Farm Tour with JadeFalcon. This was the first time I was able to really search. However, we didn’t stay too long as we had a time constraint and other caches to grab. This time, though, I was able to get a hint from The Bummies at the event. A last minute forgetfulness (aka, JadeFalcon left his glasses in Flo.’s car), scratched our ability to attempt it on the way back through. Armed with this new info, I just needed a day to go after it.

Today was the day as I found myself needing to get a cache to keep up my streak and I was already halfway to the cache. So, after work, I hoped in my car and drove down there, minus my GPSr. Thankfully, I knew where I was going.

Once at the site, I was a bit worried about the nearby pool since it was open and being used. But, after I parked, I found that my angle of approach was hidden by the caboose. A few minutes later, I was frustratingly trying to figure out where it was even with the detailed hint. I tried calling Flo. to see if she had been here, but she hadn’t. I was thinking about who else I could try when I suddenly realized there was one spot i hadn’t checked. Yep, it was there.

So about seven months after I first DNF’ed this one, I finally found it. Another DNF to take off my list.

Day 5 – 1 cache
Days in streak – 5 days
Total caches found in streak – 39 caches


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