Day 7

I’ve reached the one week mark. That leaves five more days needed to break my records…and another 76 before I reach my goal. Today included one traditional and one multi.
Today I decided to head to the Kenneth Road Polo Grounds. From the look of all the activity when I arrived, it might be better named the Kenneth Road Soccer Grounds. This mere fact of activity made me wonder how I would do as I went after the the first cache (both are named after the site), especially as a large group was near where I needed to go for the second cache.

The first cache was a traditional, but well hidden. It took me about 30 minutes to find this one as the heavy coverage lowered my accuracy and provided some places to hide the item. Throw in that the hint mentioned a double trunked Oak and all of the fallen trees and it was hard to figure out which tree it was referring to. There were at least four trees that came close to that description. Then, my coordinates were putting me in the nearby water. ARGH!

Finally, I sent a text to Flo. As I did this I crossed the water, based on a log by another finder. Flo. offered to contact that person by e-mail. Right after I receive the message that she sent the e-mail, and I mean RIGHT after, I found the cache. DOH!

The second cache, a multi-cache, was easier to get through after all that time as the group had moved away. I was still in plain site when I entered the woods for stage one, but with the already mentioned dense coverage, I wasn’t in site for long. About five minutes later, I popped back out of the trees with the final coordinates in hand. One problem. The description mentioned a trail. There was no trail. WHERE WAS THE TRAIL!

Well, Flo. happened to be on the phone as we talked about something else so she got on and checked for trails on the map. Nothing. After we ended the conversation shortly after, I caught someone walking around the fields and asked them. They didn’t know of a trail (which shows how attentive they are…read on). Walking around, I eventually came across an opening in the tree line and a trail that began there (about five feet from the path the guy was doing laps on).

The description mentions leaving the trail when 250 feet away. I got 350, but passed that spot thinking that maybe I would run into water. I kept going for about another .3 miles before turning around and going back to the 350 (now it was about 325…accuracy stinks in the woods). A few minutes later, I had the cache in hand. Another successful day.

Day 7 – 2 caches
Total days in a row – 7 days
Total caches in streak – 41


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