Day 8

I’ll keep this one short as I need to get some sleep. For today’s cache, I decided to wait until I met up with Flo., JadeFalcon, and Stink Bug Crew for dinner. We were meeting up to hang out and chat about GW7. As we were awaiting the arrival of SBC, the rest of us went over to Great Wolf Lodge to grab The “Bug Drop” Inn. Not a difficult hide and I exchanged some TB’s. Mark another day in my streak.

Right now, I’m finishing up prep work for tomorrow’s (or is it now today’s) trip to Davenport. I’ll finally get to see the GPS Adventure Maze. I’ll be joined by Webscouter., who is flying into Moline, IL from Alabama at about 11AM. Thankfully, he was nice enough to arrange for me to pick up his vehicle and drive up there, leaving my vehicle at home (I need to have something replaced before I make a big trip). I will be leaving in about five hours to go get the vehicle and head on up.

I am going to try and get as many geocaching icons in one day today, including the GPS Adventure Maze icon, which is unique. I also found out that a travel bug that I gave to my coworker Razor Sharp (his first TB) just got logged into the event that is also going on today. Let’s see if I can snap a photo with it.

Day 8 – 1 cache
Total days – 8 days
Total caches in streak – 42 caches


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