My Weekend

I’m going to keep this post quick. This weekend, I traveled up to Davenport, IA to visit the GPS Adventure Maze and attend an event there. I picked up WebScouter.’s vehicle and met him up there (he flew in from a job), and we traveled back together.

Obviously, the big thing was attending the maze…a great experience. I also got to meet Shauna Maggs, who (if I’m getting my info correct) is the Director of Marketing for Groundspeak. I also walked away with two free coins and a purchased Maze coin. One of the coins was a Groundspeak Lackey coin that I got from Shauna in exchange for some path tags she didn’t have yet.

There was one other big thing that we did, that I will delve into tomorrow. With the GPS Adventure Maze having it’s own cache icon, and after looking through the available caches in Davenport, I mentioned an idea to WebScouter. when I arrived. He thought it would be a fun goal to achieve. AND WE COMPLETED IT! The goal…to have a well rounded day. More on that tomorrow.

Day 9 – 11 caches
Day 10 – 9 caches
Total days of streak – 10 days
Total caches during streak – 62


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