An Iconic Day

Yesterday, I mentioned a mini goal that WebScouter. and I met on Saturday. Well, let’s talk about an interesting type of challenge cache. The challenge…to have a well rounded day.

So what does it mean to have a well rounded day?  Is it related to the Well Rounded Cacher challenge?  Sort of.  A Well Rounded Cacher challenge, or Fizzy challenge, requires the cacher to find one cache of every combination of Difficulty and Terrain.  This translates to a list of 81 required combinations.

A Well Rounded Day challenge, on the other hand, is a bit simpler in design but can be just as hard to pull off without planning, depending on the area you are in.  It requires you to find a specified number of different TYPES of caches.  Types are defined as having their own icon.

You can see that there are a lot of different icons.  Fourteen to be exact. Going from left to right, top to bottom, they are: Traditional, Multi, Unknown, Virtual, Letterbox Hybrid, Earthcache, Event, CITO Event, Webcam, Mega-event, Wherigo, Locationless, APE, and GPS Adventure Maze.

Now, before we continue, I should point out that Locationless caches are now no longer loggable on the Geocaching site.  They now have their own separate site called Waymarking. So that knocks the list of possible icons to 13. The only people who will have credit for locationless are those who were doing geocaching before that type was removed from the system. Virtuals and webcams still exist as loggable caches, but no new ones will be published on the Geocaching site (they can be created on the Waymarking site though).

One more point to make is APE caches.  APE caches are a rare cache type that originated as part of a promotions event for the Planet of the Apes film back in 2001.  There were originally 14 APE caches.  As of this moment, only two original APE caches still exist, and one that is a replacement (and now is a traditional cache).   Of the two originals left, Mission 4 is located in Brazil and Mission 9 is located in the state of Washington.

So we are left with 13 possible icons that you can currently log.  Of those thirteen, three are hard to get.  Getting them depends on where they are located and how much you are willing to travel.  Those three are APE caches, MEGA-Event caches, and the GPS Adventure Maze.  Of the thirteen caches, three require timing.  Those are Event, CITO Event, and MEGA-Event.  It is possible to get two of those in one day, but very rare to get all three.  It is common to find Event Caches held on the days around MEGA-Events.  It is possible to find a CITO held the same day as a regular Event (it happened in a lot of places this May as CITO’s were held side by side with WWFM events).  But to get all three in one day…that’s going to be tough.

So those two aspects of timing and location will often reduce the viable number of cache types to get in one day down to 9 (with one being some form of event).  Now of those nine, Webcams, Wherigo’s, and Earthcaches are next on the line for mildly hard to find.  These caches depend entirely on location.  Some area’s have lots of Earthcaches because of the landscape.  Some will have lots of Wherigo’s if you have someone who likes them living nearby.  Finding webcams depends on if someone lived in that area back when webcams were still allowed as a cache type people could create.  Last of all, letterbox hybrids would be next at somewhat-common. Still not always easy to find in really rural areas, but a bit more common in cities.  They are more common than the others listed so far, but still not as common as some other types.

So, we have to knock down the list of easy caches to five (still allowing one event).  Traditionals, Multi’s and Unknowns are the three most common, with virtuals and events as the next two common types.  Virtuals still depend on an area having cachers at the time when you were allowed to create them, but they were a somewhat popular group that still has a lot remaining to find.

Five.  Five cache types that an average cacher will easily be able to find.  With some planning, five is a reasonable number to find.

So why am I bringing all of this up?  Well, on Saturday, WebScouter and I found TEN cache types in one day.   Yep, ten.  Not an easy feat to pull off let me tell you.  We found eight of them in the Davenport/Moline area, including the GPS Adventure Maze.  But we had to drive West to West Branch (just to the East of Iowa City) to find our virtual.  Then, we had to drive all the way to Des Moines to find what we think is the only Wherigo cache in the state of Iowa.  The drive from Davenport to Des Moines is about two to two-and-a-half hours long without stopping.

Our plan was to try and get this done before the end of the day.  Not only did we finish it, but we did it in under 12 hours.  Then we promptly got a hotel room and got some sleep before the rest of the drive home.

Want to see the list of caches?  Check out My Iconic Day Bookmark List to see what caches we found to complete this challenge.

Now, I need to prepare a challenge cache for the Kansas City area based on this challenge. Do you feel up to it? Start doing the research and see if you can beat my 10 icon run.


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4 Responses to An Iconic Day

  1. drewman1962 says:

    Well May, 30th 2009, I was able to puill ogg 10 Icons and a benchmark making it a total of 11 Icons in one day. I got a Trad., Multi., Virtual, Letterbox, Puzzle, Webcam, Earth, Wherigo, GPS Maze, and Benchmark. YEEPPPIIIEEE

  2. tripcyclone says:

    WTG Drewman. The idea of a benchmark had been thought of, but we stuck to caches for logging. In the challenge caches I’ve seen, they typically don’t count benchmarks, hence why I decided not to include one. It’s still impressive to get that many types. Definitely something I’ll have one my list of accomplishments.

    Anyone else have a good iconic day?

  3. Tenchi-kun says:

    Wow, that’s quite a challenge! I wonder if I can convince cub_scouting_momma to try and do it. Maybe we’ll have to plan it out on a weekend where we can drop the kiddos off at the grandparents. 😉

    And I have to say, congrats to you, Trip, for getting so many different types done in one day!

  4. Fried Okra says:

    I’ve accepted your challenge and found your cache in K.C. today. I’m logging Version 1 and 2 shortly. Thanks for putting this one together! Gredgeman and I found 12 different Icon types on May 2 this year is Washington. 13 if you include the benchmark. See you in the logs. (We didn’t get the Mega Icon on that day.)

    Fried Okra – Camdenton, Mo.

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