Day 11

This weekend, I found my car leaking oil. Today, I took it in only to get very annoyed with the dealership. I take my car to a dealership service center out of habit, but with my car it seems this place keeps finding something wrong that they didn’t notice before, or during the major inspection I had last fall. Things that are apparently easy enough to notice during a routine oil change but escape detection on an all points inspection because of some object that normally covers the part. UGH! So, with all of that drama, it’s very easy to distract myself by going after caches.

Today, I grabbed two caches. First I went after By the creek. This was a simple hide, though when I found the cache, it was plainly obvious that something was out of place when I first looked at the spot. So when I replaced it, I positioned it a bit more concealed within that spot so a random person wouldn’t notice something out of place.

The second cache was Pinehurst Estates, which was adopted by my friend Flo. When I looked at when it was last found I noticed several DNF’s in a row, one mentioning that the photo in the gallery matched where they looked. I called Flo. and got permission to replace it if it was gone. And it was. A dig through my supplies and the cache is ready to go again.

Day 11 – 2 caches
Total days in a row – 11 days
Total caches during streak – 64 caches


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