Matching My Record

Back in 2007, I set a record of 12 days in a row of caching.  Today, after finding three webcams, I met that record.  Now, about the fun webcams…Today was an interesting day.  I had to take care of some things related to my car before I went out caching.  Then, when I’m finally ready to go, it begins to rain.  And boy did it rain.  It was ruining my shot at going after two caches.  I needed a substitute that wouldn’t result in getting soaking wet.  Enter the KC webcams.

In Kansas City there are currently three webcam caches.  All three are at the same location, using the same webcam.  The webcam is designed to rotate 360 degrees.  One problem…the webcam is down.  It has been for a while.  But the caches are still active.  The owner has allowed people to take pictures of themselves at the webcam site and use that instead.  Knowing this, I had saved them for when I did my Iconic Day run.  Since I ended up doing this outside of KC this last weekend, a rainy day seemed appropriate.

Once the downpour had settled down a bit, I grabbed my camera and hit the road.  By the time I arrived, the rain wasn’t bad.  The tricky part was setting up my camera INSIDE my car to take the photo.  Obviously, I had to use the timer function.

Here are the three photos.  Click on the picture to go to the respective cache pages.

1: 360KC
2: Granny Smith’s Stinger (360KC # 2)
Granny Smith's Stinger (360KC # 2)
3: American Bandstand (360KC # 3)
American Bandstand (360KC # 3)

The reason my hand is near my ear is because 8601 had called just before I began and we were talking the entire time. With the light rain and the trickiness of setting up the camera within my car, this was a lot of fun to complete. Even more so knowing that at the second one (right outside an Applebee’s) had muggles nearby watching me as I ran out of my car, stood in spot for a few seconds, then ran back to my car. LOLOL!!!

Day 12 – 3 caches
Total days in streak – 12 days
Total caches during streak – 67 caches


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