Day 17

It is now day 17 of my one cache a day streak. In the last few days, I’ve done three multi-caches, one puzzle cache, and six traditionals. Some of them were simple, some were involved, some had some great scenery.

On Friday, I went after two caches Southwest of me.  One was a simple multi-cache.  The other was a puzzle called Bryant Cemetery Missouri Pioneers. This was fun as it required me to find specific graves and gather information off of them. A great example of an On-Site puzzle cache.

On Saturday, I intended on grabbing only two caches. I ended up grabbing five and placing one. After successfully completing the requirements for a Well-Rounded Day Challenge, I decided to place one of my own. I called it The KC Iconic Day Challenge. So far, JadeFalcon has already posted that he completed the challenge. He just needs to wait until he gets done with his business trip to come log it.

Today, I went after a set of three caches in North Leawood, KS. The three caches are at the site of the 5th Annual Kansas City Picnic. One was a multi that I accidentally misread, causing me to do the math wrong. I eventually fixed that mistake. All three we fun because they required that I do some bushwhacking. Two required heavy bushwhacking, but all were well hidden.

On to day 18.

Day 15 – 2 caches
Day 16 – 5 caches
Day 17 – 3 caches
Total days in a row cached – 17 days
Total caches found during streak – 81 caches.


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