Three Weeks

I am now past the three week mark for my streak with 22 days and going strong. The last few days have been interesting as the weather created some fun experiences. On to the update.

For days 18 – 20, I just went after one cache each day.  The weather went from nice days to intermittant rain, with a hailing downpour before I went out on day 19 and a HUGE downpour when I then went to the store after grabbing that day’s cache.  Thankfully, that day had me going after a quick park and grab (also called a PNG for all the beginning cachers out there).

It was day 21 where I went out for a hike.  Longview Lake is only a few miles Northeast of me and it had five caches on the South end that I still hadn’t gone after.  With one recently enabled again, and a few TB’s that were getting stuck in some of the caches, I decided to go after them.

First, I went after Links to the Past, a two stage multi that was just enabled after the third (and original 1st stage) was removed due to muggling. Now, this is the first of three in a heavy wooded area surrounding a main trail. While not too far away from the trails, I frequently lost signal, and even had my GPSr accidently shut itself off at least twice. This made every find a little more interesting as I had to search every nook and cranny in a WIDE search area. Finally, after some thorough examinations of possible locations, I tried the other side of the creek and quickly found it. Dang GPSr accuracy!

Next, I went after Longview Deertrail. The cache is located on exactly that…a deertrail. I’m not even going to recreate what happened. It’s much better just to read my LOG ENTRY. Trust me, this one was the highlight of the day. Frustrating yet a lot of fun and very satisfying…once I was back out on the main trail.

Last, I went after Longview Undercover. This one had me a bit confused at first, until I carefully read every aspect of the cache and realized my mistake. That narrowed the spots down and a short while later I found it.

Today, I made a special trip up to the Grain Valley area. I did this so I could go after one of my special TB’s used to open up I Lost My Keys, one of my own caches. Since I had moved the cache due to some “un-family friendly” things going on at the trail it was located along, I needed to also replace the keychains with new ones that had the correct final coordinates. For those who don’t already know, this cache is locked and requires cachers to find one of various TB’s that are attached to a key that unlocks the cache.

After finding that cache and repairing the keychain, I went off to grab some other caches. Mostly simple hides, except one had a very unwanted surprise…TICKS! Before continuing, I should add that I usually have no problem with ticks. I’m not quite sure why, but while others are pulling 15 or 20 ticks off themselves, I may only need to pull off one or two. It definitely makes the tick checks go a lot faster. But not today.

I was at Lee’s Summit Parks Pottberg Memorial Park when this happened. Somebody else had mentioned finding a lot of ticks, but because of the aforementioned advantage I seem to have, I figured it wouldn’t be so bad for me. Not so. I found the cache without a problem, but after opening and grabbing the logbook I happened to look down and already was spotting ticks on my pants.

Reaching down, I began to pull them off only to spot more…and more…and more. Giving up for a second, I signed the log and watched one crawl across my hand. FLICK! Bye bye tick. I replaced the log and closed the cache container. Stepping back from the tree, I grabbed my GPSr and PDA from the ground and took another look at my pants. More ticks. I cleaned off as many as I could see…over 30 of them ranging from regular size down to micro size. Once done, I headed back out to the trail.

Once on the trail, I began to find more and more. I pulled off at least another 20 ticks. It seemed that I’d clear off my pants only to find some more at the bottom beginning the long crawl again. I found at least a few inside my shirt already. Again, I got everything I could see then grabbed my stuff and began the walk back to my car. Once back at my car, guess what? Yep, you guessed it, more ticks. By the time I drove off, I had pulled off over 60 ticks during this small hike. I haven’t been attacked by ticks that bad since I was elementary school.

Oh, and it’s not done. I found another one as I drove to the next cache and another one when I got back home! ARGH!

But, I’m now done with 22 days and it’s time for bed. I need to get up early because I’m joining N2Froggie and her husband for a drive to another event in Osage County, KS tomorrow. I’ll try to get a few pictures during the day and post about the event this weekend.

Days 18, 19, 20 – 1 cache each day
Day 21 – 3 caches
Day 22 – 4 caches
Total caches during streak – 91 caches


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One Response to Three Weeks

  1. Erikajean says:

    ewww yucky ticks! I had one in my head when I was little. since then I haven’t had any problems with them… I’m worried about them on my trip though!!

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