My First Video Post

I’ve embedded a video that includes an update on my current trip. This was taken ON THE ROAD from Taylor, NE. Please forgive me about quality as I am still learning. A link is at the end in case the embedded video doesn’t work (this is a first attempt, so we’ll see how it goes). Enjoy.

Oh, my current streak is 29 days. WOO-HOO! I’ll update numbers after the trip.


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5 Responses to My First Video Post

  1. Theresa E. says:

    I’m looking forward to my road trip with @_ErikaJean_ but I don’t think we’ll be doing anything quite like this lol. I leave next Saturday (June 27) to head to my Aunt’s house and then we’ll be on the road starting early June 28!!

  2. tripcyclone says:

    Great. I just learned that the video didn’t completely upload. It cut off a few seconds at the end. I’ll see about fixing that.

  3. tripcyclone says:

    Video has been fixed so that nothing is cut out.

  4. Erikajean says:

    i WISH I had a laptop mounted to my dashboard with internet. I want to steal it!

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