MOGA Geocoins

MOGA – Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure

MOGA is a themed geocaching competition that is going to enter it’s 6th year next year (2010). I first attended this year, when the theme was the Wild West. Next year, it’s going to be about Space.

Oh, and they produced some seriously wicked geocoins.

The MOGA 2009 geocoins might just enter the record books as one of the coolest geocoins out there.  It was the classic symbol of the Wild West, a gun and holster.  Yet working with Hogwild Stuff, and their geocoin production company, MOGA came up with a design that shoots all other coins out of the water. The coin was a two part coin. One part was the gun, one part was the holster. Oh, yeah…and the gun can be pulled out of the holster.

At MOGA, you could purchase two different versions of the coin. One had an ivory handle and the other had a maroon handle. I had only ordered one coin, but when I saw there was more than one version, I quickly bought the other one at MOGA.

A few weeks after the event, remaining coins were sold off within a few hours after announcing the sale. Due to the popularity, a third version was produced and sold soon after, with the item selling out within a few days from what I hear. This version had a ruby handle. I of course bought that one.

By this time, I had already been hearing rumors of a fourth coin. The rumor was that a fourth version had been made and given to MOGA staff members only. I never did try to confirm it. I hadn’t seen one show up at an event yet. Then I went to the Osage County event a few weeks ago and saw it. It had a green handle. I knew I had to have one.

A few days later, I happened to see TWO of them on eBay. Of course, I bid on both, just in case I didn’t win one. One Friday, 6/19, I was on the road with TC3633 and 8601 when I got online and saw that I had won one of the auctions. I paid for it and it finally arrived today.

So, I now have all four versions of the coin. I took pictures and uploaded the profiles for each one. Here’s a picture of all four together, unholstered:
MOGA Geocoins - group

And now for my streak.
Total days in a row cached – 39 days
Total caches found during streak – 229 caches


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One Response to MOGA Geocoins

  1. Toojin says:

    Bad news… there is a fifth version. if you look at the 5th post in this GC forum thread you will see a picture of the satin silver with gold glitter handle…

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