My First Earthcache Approved

This afternoon, just before leaving home, I received an e-mail that my first Earthcache was approved and awaiting adoption. I was happy to see it come through before I left town for my upcoming trip. Read on for some more details and the link.

My first Earthcache is called CAVE SPRING FALLS. The cache is located at William Klein Park in Lee’s Summit, MO. The park has a rich history as a park, trading post, golf course, and more. It has also been visited by several famous people, as mentioned in my previous post about BUILDING AN EARTHCACHE.

I was quite surprised at how fast it went through the system. Only two weeks ago I was seeing reports of a three week delay in approving caches because of the large influx brought in by the announcement of retiring the shipment of physical pins for Bronze and Silver level Earthcache Masters in August. I submitted the cache on August 8th, and received the approval e-mail today, only six days later. I guess there isn’t an influx anymore.

Just a few minutes ago, I submitted my application for the Silver level award. As previously mentioned, I needed to find six Earthcaches in three or more states and place one Earthcache. I used the first six I found, which included Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska. Then, as I looked through the Earthcache page, I realized I only need to find one more Earthcache and place one more Earthcache to reach Gold status. This requires 12 Earthcaches completed in four or more states and having created two or more Earthcaches. I hope to get permission for a second one during my upcoming trip.

And my streak is going strong, but let’s see how I do during my trip:
Total days in a row cached: 53 days
Total caches found during streak: 276 caches


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