70 Days

I’m finally back in Kansas City, but only for a few days. I soon leave for another trip. This time, I’m heading to Dallas to spend my birthday with my family for the first time in four years. I’ve finished up a great trip, involving camping, astronomy, and geocaching. I’ve got some stories to tell. But while I unpack and get a bit more organized, albeit temporarily, I’ll just do a quick update today.

My trip results in around 70 + caches overall. I survived the hardest part of keeping my streak up and am now at 70 days in a row of caching. Only 18 more days until students return to school, and my goal is officially met.

Since beginning my streak, I’ve found 351 caches. And right now, I only need 104 more to reach 2000 finds. Cachestats predicts me reaching that by the end of August. Can I do better?


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3 Responses to 70 Days

  1. ErikaJean says:

    That’s awesome! Are you driving to Dallas? If so, I bet you’ll get your 104 😉 do you have a special cache picked out for the big 2000?

  2. jadefalcon says:

    Hey, why don’t you visit me down here in Killeen before I leave? 😛

  3. golfgunny says:

    70 days…Wow! That’s an impressive streak.

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