2 Milestones Reached

What has it been…about six weeks since I last posted anything more than a quick update. Let’s try and fix that. Some things have been going on and it’s time to start getting back to posting about my adventures.

My last two updates were before I went to the Nebraska Star Party (NSP), and before I left for Dallas.  NSP ended up going pretty good.  We had some amazing views of the night sky that week.  At least one night had an awesome auroral display that lasted the entire night.  I’ve never seen one last that long before.  I also got an amazing view of the International Space Station on one night.  As it passed overhead, I found it in my telescope.  The details that I could see even surprised me, as I could pick out individual details of the space station.  That was stunning.

That same week, a big announcement in the astronomy world was released.  Due to my new phone, and the internet connection I was able to maintain on site, I was able to follow along.  The news…something had hit Jupiter, leaving a noticable impact mark that was visible when it rotated into view.  I got to see the impact site over the course of several nights, which was pretty cool.

Geocaching wise, I got around 60-70 caches during that trip, including cleaning up some of the puzzles in the Valentine area, and finally getting to claim a find on LORDY, LORDY, a geocache that requires a boat just to get to where it’s hidden.  A fellow astronomer who helped with the event had a boat and was able to take a few of us out to go after it.

After NSP, I went down to the McCook, NE area to make repairs on some of my original caches.  Then I headed back to Omaha.  A few days later, I came home.  A few days after THAT, I left for Dallas.  Yep, I was one busy person.

Making my way down to Dallas included grabbing a bunch of counties along my route, including adding Arkansas and Oklahoma to my list of states.  I didn’t do as much caching as I would have liked while down there.  If I had, I might have been able to hit 2,000 caches on my birthday, which would have been cool.  Instead, I enjoyed a nice relaxing week with my family, grabbing just enough to keep my streak alive, and attend an event.  While down there, I also toured the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium, which is IMPRESSIVE to say the least.

I made it back home the evening before I had to report back to work.  I had just over a week left in my streak to reach my original goal.  Those of you who don’t remember it, my goal was to hit one geocache a day for my entire summer vacation.  I started with the last day I had students at the end of the last school year, and planned on going until the first day students came back.  I had one day that was tricky that last week, as I had to be at work for most of the day.  Thankfully, due to how the schedule was arranged, I had some time before work and was able to grab a cache that morning.

Then, my streak hit its goal.  Students were back, I had a job to do, and I had hit 88 days in a row of geocaching.   But I wondered.  Could I go to 100 days?  I had to try.  Several challenges are out there for streaks, usually started with 100 days.  If you looked at my nearest finds, I was running out of stuff close to me to grab.  I kept going though, especially when I realized I would hit 100 the day after the Kansas City picnic event.

Slowly but surely, I inched my way towards 2,000 caches, picking up days to add to my streak.  It wasn’t until the night before the picnic, while JadeFalcon and I planned our “pre-picnic” attack that I realized I had miscalculated.  My 100th day was actually the same day as the picnic.  This was perfect as Jade and I were planning our attack so that I could make the picnic my 2,000th cache.  I only had 26 caches to get before the event to do it.  There was only one problem.  Jade had cleared out a lot of the area that I still needed, and most of the area he needed I already had.  So we spent three hours planning out exactly which caches we could grab based on what we both didn’t have yet.  Right as we finished up with the planning, 8601Delphinium and TC3633 arrived at my place after a trip down from Omaha.  They were going to the picnic, but because of the plans for Saturday, they were joining up with a fellow Omaha geocacher who was trying to make it to 5,000 that weekend.

The next morning, as I was getting ready to leave, Jade called me.  “The event caches have been published.  Want to go after some FTF’s?”  I was all in for this and headed out the door to meet up with him.  And to mark my 100th day of geocaching, I not only found BAUMGARDNER PARK, I got FTF on it too. Now granted, it was Jade’s cache, but I was able to grab it as he arrived. We then began our assault on the event caches…which didn’t work out so well. Awhsom, another local cacher, beat us to most of the ones we went after. We only ended up getting one other FTF that morning, but it did help us out dramatically. By the time we began working on the caches we had planned on hitting, I had reduced the number we needed. This helped us out later on as we didn’t have to go as far away from the picnic as originally planned.

So, working our way from Blue Springs, MO to downtown Kansas City to Kansas City, KS, and then back to Blue Springs. We ended up getting the last cache I needed to make the picnic my 2,000th at about the same time the picnic officially started. So, we made our way over to the picnic and made it my 2,000th cache. WOO-HOO! Two big accomplishments in one day.

We had fun at the picnic, hanging out with a lot of the local cachers. I received a homemade cache container from The Bummy’s, and got a small plastic container as a door prize. We enjoyed the food, the company, and I even talked with another cacher called CampCreekers to get some advice on getting door prizes for my events. You can begin to see the fruits of that labor at LIGHTS, SIGHTS, AND FRIGHTS, my Halloween event cache, where I already have two sponsors listed, and hopefully some more to come (I have a third, just waiting on confirmation of which event they are sponsoring).

So what am I doing now. Well, I’m hoping to work a bit more on sponsorship this weekend, alongside finally updating the Great TB Race stats. Maybe I’ll get out and place a cache or two that I’ve been thinking of. Oh, and I need to make another post on my new blog.

That’s right, a new blog. But this time, instead of being about me, it’s about caches. Creative caches to be exact. I’ll post about it in a future post, but let’s just say that if you are looking for some ideas for making your next geocache more creative, then maybe you should come check out CREATIVE CACHES & CONTAINERS.


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1 Response to 2 Milestones Reached

  1. ErikaJean says:

    Love the new blog. I like how you EXPLAIN how to make the creative caches! I may have to use the golf ball one someday…

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