So I’ve been a bit busy

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking too it. It’s not to hard to use that excuse as it really has been what’s been going on. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things. Sorry for any followers who wondered where I was. I’m going to make an honest effort to get back to this site.So what’s been going on for me?  The last time I posted was in mid-September.  Right about the start of six weeks of going to one event after another.  And don’t forget that this was on the heels of 100 days in a row of geocaching.  With all of that, I’ve actually gotten a bit burnt out.  I’ve found maybe a dozen caches in the last month.  Pretty sad when you consider how much geocaching I’ve done this year alone.  But it happens.

Plus, I’ve been trying to work on my new blog, CREATIVE CACHES & CONTAINERS.  You see a lot of sites that occasionally mention a creative cache, but don’t always explain the details about it.  My new site is dedicated to doing just that and more, providing details on how you can build them yourself. And not just caches, but creative placements too.

Then, I’ve had to deal with THE GREAT TB RACE.  I’ve been long overdue for an update thanks to the time it takes to do it.  Every time I’d sit down to work on it, I may get about an hour or so into it when either the Geocaching website slowed drastically or something else non-Geocaching would take me away from the work.  The long awaited update finally came, with help, last week.

Then, to add to updating the race, I’ve announced the start of the entry period for next years race.  And those of you listening to GEOCACHING PODCAST or to PODCACHER will likely hear announcements about the race in upcoming shows. We already have a number of entries and one person is already donating a prize to kick off the 2010 Prize Pool. AWESOME!

So what’s going on outside of Geocaching? Let’s see…damaged windshield, work, computer crash, work, forced to buy a new computer, work, awarded a grant to get GPSr’s in the classroom, work. Gee, work seems to be busy this year. Well, work always come first.

Oh, about the grant. Last Spring, near the end of the school year, I wrote a small grant to get GPSr’s in the classroom. Using a combination of basic Geocaching, science, and a huge amount of outdoor space behind our school, I’m hoping to incorporate the use of GPS in the classroom. I ended up placing an order for basic Garmin eTrex yellows. They are easy to use, fit our basic needs, and are cheap enough that I could order more units for the same amount of money. That’s a big deal as our class sizes are large and we want smaller groups. Just an additional two units that I was able to order by going with the yellow eTrex changes it from groups of seven to groups of four. For middle school students, that’s a good thing.

And back to Gecaching again. In October, I hosted a Halloween event called LIGHTS, SIGHTS, AND FRIGHTS. The event was designed around three things: Halloween, Astronomy, and Night Caching. While it seemed like I was cutting it close in the end, the event went off with only a few minor hitches. And, it seems like everyone had a great time. I followed that up two weeks later with the WWFM event in downtown Kansas City. I planned it in an area that usually has muggles. It was empty thanks to a nearby circus. So I’ll plan the next one somewhere guarenteed to have muggles.

So that’s been what’s going on in my life right now. In 48 hours I’ll be with my family down in Dallas for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, I’ll be scouting out locations for my New Year’s Day event in Dallas, where I will start the 2010 Great TB Race.

And hopefully, with this post, I will be getting back to more regular posts about Geocaching on here. Sorry for any readers who were suddenly wondering what happened to me.


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2 Responses to So I’ve been a bit busy

  1. ErikaJean says:

    Awesome that you got a grant! I wish we would have done that kind of stuff in school (ironically I did a project on GPS triangulation once) haha.

    I am of course, subscribed to all your blogs… so you haven’t really been “gone” to me!

  2. P.J. says:

    Excuses, excuses!

    I know the feeling. It’s funny, but the whole burnt out thing can be so true. I was on a stretch there where I was going caching all the time. It just got to be too much because I was forgetting other things I did in this world. I still like to try and cache 3-5 times a month now, but I have slowed down. With working my job and a part-time teaching gig at the local college, mixed in with some other interests, I’ve slowed a bit. But I’ve also learned to appreciate caching more and have a lot more fun with it now, rather than just going after the big numbers!

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