Add Texas to the List

Over the last two years, since I first placed a cache in Nebraska in early 2008, I have placed 36 caches. That includes 11 traditionals, 1 multi, 4 events, 19 mystery/unknowns, and 1 earthcache. I’ve placed caches in Nebraska, Kansas, & Missouri, and I’ve hosted an event in each too. This Thanksgiving weekend, I hid my 5th event and my 12 traditional, both in Texas.

The day before Thanksgiving, I submitted my next EVENT CACHE.  The cache will be a New Year’s Day event down here in Dallas. Why? Two reasons. One is to have an event here in Dallas to meet other cachers at and New Year’s Day seemed like a perfect time for that. Second, the event will officially kick off THE 2ND ANNUAL GREAT TB RACE with the release of all the contestants in the race.

Then, last night, I placed BASEBALL ANYONE?. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen a single log come through yet and it was published last night. I was expected at least one log before now. Oh well, it will have logs soon enough.

So with these two caches, I expand my list of states that I’ve hidden caches in to include Texas. Pretty cool.


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2 Responses to Add Texas to the List

  1. P.J. says:

    So do you have to give a name of a local or something who can take care of these caches when you are away from them? I haven’t placed that many, but I do have two Earthcaches in the queue (submitted before they closed the old way to prepare for the new way), so I’m hoping those will be published soon!

  2. tripcyclone says:

    When I submitted it, I left a reviewer note that a family member would be keeping tabs on it and that they had supplies to replace logs or even the container if needed. For the event, it didn’t matter. However, I haven’t seen much activity on the event page. Door prizes may be a bust because nobody has offered to help with that. With me having already contacted people about donations for the race itself and for my Halloween event, I’m hesitant to hit up some of those people for more prizes right now. I’m hoping some locals are interested in donating.

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