Traveling to Dallas

I’m officially on Winter Break.  Two weeks off from work.  And for my vacation, I’m traveling down to Dallas, TX to be with my family.  My original plan was to head out tomorrow.  Thanks to a headache that reduced my willingness to get things done today, I’m driving on Monday now.  But that’s okay.  It’s the nice part about driving down.  The other nice part…geocaching.It was this past August that I last drove to Dallas.  I picked up counties in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas as I drove down.  This time, I’m going to be primarily on I-35, so I’ll be working on Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

In Kansas, I’ll be taking a detour South from Ottawa down to Iola, then West to Wichita before joining back up with I-35 South of Wichita.  This route, while a bit out of the way, fits perfectly with picking up both County and Delorme pages in Kansas.  I’ll only add three Delorme pages, but NINE counties.

Once I cross into Oklahoma, I’ll be able to add eleven counties and who knows how many Delorme (the only Delorme’s I’m focused on are Missouri and Kansas right now).  I’ll then add Cooke County in Texas before I make it to my parent’s house.

The other nice thing are the caches I’ll be hitting.  Based on the route, I can add several Earthcaches to my list, which is always fun.  Good practice too as I plan on hitting a geological site in Texas with my family and there isn’t an Earthcache there yet.  Looks like I’ll be asking permission when I visit that place.

Now that I have a route planned out, it’s time to get some rest.  Tomorrow I need to finish some cleanup around the house, pack, run some errands, and maybe work on transfering one of my hard drives out of my old computer and into the new one, which I’m stubbornly dragging down to Dallas with me.  Why fight my sister or anyone else for use of a computer?  Even more so considering the work I need to do before the 2010 Great TB Race begins on New Year’s Day and some paperwork I need to finish for work.  Why transfer the hard drive?  iTunes primarily.  I have roughly 12 GB of music in the database on that hard drive and I don’t want to have rebuild it from scratch.

So, with my plans in place, it’s a good night to everyone.  Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with news that my next Earthcache has been submitted.


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3 Responses to Traveling to Dallas

  1. annienz says:

    That sounds like quite some trip! I’m amazed by what long journeys you all in the USA make for the holidays! Mind you, I’d be up for that kind of caching road trip!

    Annie (dropping by via ErikaJean’s twitter.)

  2. ErikaJean says:

    Have a fun and safe trip and get a lot of caches!!! Happy Holidays!

  3. ElliPirelli says:

    I’m relieved to hear, it’s not only me nuts about statistics…
    I’d love to take such a roadtrip. This winter I’m taking the plane for a weeks vacation, just to colour the map a bit more.

    Have fun with your caching detour, you see me green with envy.

    Regards from Kassel, Germany

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