Starting a New Year

As we start a new year, it’s a chance to look back at the previous year.  For me, it was a very busy year for geocaching.  This post is about my stats.

In 2009:

I found 1201 caches.

I hosted 3 events.

I placed 23 caches.

I added two states, and countless counties.

I attended my first Mega-event.

I set a record of 219 caches in one month (June 2009).

I set a record of 69 caches in one day (April 18th, 2009).

I set a record of 100 days in a row of caching.

I set a record of finding 10 cache types in one day.

I placed my first Earthcache.

I reached Silver Earthcache Master status.

I met a Groundspeak Lackey.

I visited the GPS Adventure Maze.

I set a record for the fastest time between milestones with 8 days (Find 1600 – 1700).

As you can see, 2009 was a busy year.  Do I have any goals for 2010?  My first goal is to reach 3000 finds.  Based on 2009, I’m not too worried about that goal.  I would like to finish working on my County/Delorme Challenges for either Kansas or Missouri.  I plan on attending GeoWoodstock VIII in July.  But beyond that, I just plan on caching and seeing where things lead me.

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4 Responses to Starting a New Year

  1. ErikaJean says:

    Congrats on a good year!

  2. P.J. says:

    A good year, indeed.

    You’re not addicted, are you? 🙂

  3. ErikaJean says:

    I have a wedding smack dab in the middle of this and the on in Ohio. So frustrating. Wish I have enough $ for two vacations, also… the time.

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