HooHaa TB Race

In late 2008, I learned of a travel bug race being held amongst Geocaching Bloggers.  I was a bit surprised as it looked like a few of the people entering had been blogging about geocaching for less time than I had.  But I asked the organizer if I could still enter.  He was nice and let me into the race.  And guess what?  My EASY FLYER TB pretty much dominated the race from an early point thanks to a trip to Hawaii and back.  I ended up winning the race with almost 10,000 miles accumulated.  Now, it’s time for the second race.

As the first race ended, Softball29, who runs the A ‘LIL HOOHAA blog, began organizing a second race.  I was invited to be in the race, along with some other Geocaching Bloggers.  This time, instead of about 8 people, we are up to 20 contestants.  As a prize for the first race, I won a free Travel Bug.  I told Softball29 to go ahead and use it as my entry for the next race and that I would send him an attachment.  My attachment ended up being a small Star Wars Jedi figurine (looked like Obi-Wan from the prequel trilogy).  With a Light Saber in one hand and the other hand held out like it was using the Force, I drilled a hole through the outstretched hand and decided to call it WINNER BY FORCE. It seemed like a good name, combining the Star Wars element with the fact that I won the first race.

Throughout the year, I’ll try to post updates about it’s status. While it would be awesome to win a second time, it would be even more awesome to win the prizes. Each contestant donated a prize to the prize pool. My entry was a Soaring Eagle geocoin made by my friend JadeFalcon. Unfortunately, the first one I sent got lost in the mail when the envelope was damaged. So I got a second one and popped it in the mail yesterday.

Today, Winner by Force begins it’s journey in the official starting cache for the race (which is currently awaiting publication). And as an added incentive to anyone who helps move it, if I win again, I will award a prize to whomever helps provide Winner by Force with the largest single jump in mileage. So if anyone of my readers out there happen to see this guy, help me out.


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5 Responses to HooHaa TB Race

  1. P.J. says:

    Well, it’s in the cache… which isn’t approved yet… but it’s kind of starting its journey. 😉

  2. ErikaJean says:

    I didn’t know bribing other cachers was allowed… hmmmmmm. 😉 Maybe I have to look into this one myself…

  3. tripcyclone says:

    Of course Erika, everyone copies TripCyclone. LOL!

    Actually, the PRIZE only applies if I win.

  4. Katy Rose says:

    I am in the race also and I went with a Star Wars themed travel bug as well. Mine is Stormtrooper Han Solo. I guess we will have to see who really has the force behind them.

  5. Team-Ducky says:

    Hey, if bribery is an option, then Team-Ducky will be all over that. We’ll post something on our blog.

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