TripCyclone in the Media

I’ve been a bit neglectful of this site recently.  A combination of work, geocaching, and planning an event (to take place next weekend), but mostly work.  I haven’t forgotten about my readers.  Since 2010 began, I’ve now been featured in two different media outlets outside my own blogs.  First up is FTF GEOCACHER, a new print magazine by and for geocachers.  The people behind the magazine contacted me last December.  They had seen this very blog and read an article I wrote last September.  The article, entitled GEOCACHING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, ended up being one of several articles in the premier issue of the new magazine. And I’ve gotten some positive feedback for the article too. Overall, the magazine is well done and should be checked out by all geocachers. I have been wanting to do a review on them for a while. I might wait until the next issue is out (it is a bi-monthly magazine) to do a review on an issue that I am not featured in.

Second is CACHE-A-MANIACS. Cache-a-Maniacs is a podcast about geocachers. Key word —- geocachers.  Recorded by two geocachers in Detroit, the show uses the interview format, interviewing geocachers around the world.  They recently did a call out for potential interviewees and I responded.  The funny thing is I recommened a friend of mine.  That person were already in talks with the show hosts and mentioned my name to them.  We had a good laugh about that. 

You can listen to my interview by going to EPISODE 168 – TRIPCYCLONE.

I’ve been heard in a few podcasts before.  Announcements for The 2010 Great TB Race were made through PODCACHER and GEOCACHING PODCAST. I’ve also had call ins to both shows on occasion. Both two more fun podcasts about geocaching.

I am currently in Louisville, KY visiting family and getting some work done on my teeth AGAIN. At least the person doing the work is extremely trustworthy. He’s my uncle. Unfortunately, I arrived only to develop a cold that night. I spent most of today in bed resting. Tomorrow, I leave Louisville to head to Marion, KY (Western KY), grabbing some caches along the way. My grandmother isn’t doing well, and this may be the last time I get to see here. Since I was so close, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend some time with her. As an added bonus, I have planned a short stop in Southwest Indiana to visit the first house I lived in.

Time to get some rest before my early start tomorrow.


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