New Records

I haven’t been blogging on here much and I honestly would like to correct that. So why not post an update on my geocaching world. April has helped set some new records for me and I want to brag…share them with you.First of all, I am currently up to 2,631 caches and 46 hides (soon to be 47 one my event gets published).

Second, I have a goal in place.  My goal is to reach 3,000 in July.  More specifically, I want to hit in in very early July.  On July 2nd, I’ll be traveling to Seattle, WA to attend Geowoodstock VIII on July 3rd.  So that’s one possible milestone cache.  Then, I will be attending the 10 year anniversary event that the Groundspeak Lackey’s are putting on (supposedly at the headquarters)  on July 4th.  That’s another potential milestone cache.  But wait, there’s more.  I can’t go to Seattle without going after one of only two Project A.P.E. caches still out there (the other one is in Brazil).  That is ANOTHER potential milestone cache.  And guess what…my plans also include a trip down to Portland so I could make the Un-original Stash Cache (placed where the first geocache was located) my 3,000th.  So out of all those really cool choices, which one am I aiming for…Project A.P.E.

Third, April has been a month for new records thanks to an Easter weekend trip to Dallas with 8601Delphinium.  We spent a four day weekend on the trip, lodging at my parents house in between two days of cache runs.  For a single 2-day weekend, we hit 201 caches (surpassing my previous best by 100 caches).  Add in the drive to and from Dallas to bring that number up to 217 finds for me.  8601 had about eight or nine more due to some visits to caches I already had.

But let’s break that down.  For a single day, I DOUBLED my previous record of 67 finds.  My new record is 135 caches in one day.  The next day, I hit another 66 finds.

But wait, there’s more.  My previous record for number of caches found in a single month was 194 caches.  That number is now up to 244 and I still have almost half a month left to boost that higher.

Let’s look at yearly data.  Last year, I hit 1201 caches.  I started off this year not sure if I’d repeat that.  Let’s face it.  Last October, after hitting 100 days in a row of caching followed by six weeks in a row of attending events…I got burnt out.  I could have gone higher than 1201 but I spent almost two months only going out if someone called me about doing a run.  I still don’t go out often on my own, but partially because I didn’t really have a goal in place.  Now that I have a goal, I think I’ll get out more.  Heck, it was trying to help my buddy 8601Delphinium hit 3,000 caches that led to this massive run Easter weekend.

By the way, a congrats to my friend 8601, who a week after that weekend he came back down to Kansas City with a friend and I drove them around getting caches.  He hit 3,000 on one of my caches!  AWESOME!  But back to me…

So far this year I have found 394 caches…89 more than where I was at this point last year and I’ve only cached for 21 days this year (two days less than where I was one year ago).  So at this point, if I keep up with what I’m doing then 1201 caches seems feasible for this year too.

So what am I working on now?  My last event didn’t go over as well as I had wanted for two reasons.  One is a mistake with the paperwork I was passing out that wasn’t caught until I had handed it out. DOH!  That cost me time at the start of the event, and some energy.  So the event started off bad.  Second was the rain.  We got three hours of no rain but then it came down.  And boy did it come down.  Considering we had already pushed it off one week due to heavy snow on the original date, this event just had too many strikes against it.  But, people still enjoyed the finds and company (and the food when they got back).

With that in mind, the two events I have planned for May are simple.  First is the World Wide Flash Mob event, or WWFM.  I hosted one in November 2008 when I first came here, and again last November.  Last November I tried to hit a muggle rich area only to have the area muggle-free due to a nearby event going on.  So this time, I’ve picked a spot that ensures muggles.  To go along with that is the fun theme…napping.  At the event, everyone is going to lay down and take a 15 minute nap, right next to a public fountain in a public park surrounded by busy streets.  He he he he he!!!

The second event is planned for the same day, only earlier.  The Kansas City area is lacking a regularly scheduled event.  The discussion has come up with other area cachers in the past but it never got off the ground.  So I’ve made some plans and submitted a breakfast event the morning of the Flash Mob.  Plans are to turn it into a monthly breakfast event if people are interested in it.

Whew…lot’s of stuff to talk about.  I’m going to make an effort to revisit this blog more often.  I never intended to post so infrequently.  I’ve considered opening it up to talking about non-geocaching related topics, but I think I need to post more often before I consider that.

I am working on putting together a report about the run 8601 and I made Easter weekend.  I’m working on putting together a map to display first.  Without a saved route (I had that function turned off in my GPSr at the time), I have to manually build the route.  And I’m deciding between using GoogleMaps or something else.  We’ll just have to see.


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3 Responses to New Records

  1. P.J. says:

    I had originally thought about going out to GeoWoodstock this year. Alas, it’s the time I’ll be in Ireland, so it won’t happen. I would like to, however, at some point this year see if I can find a way to make a 3-day trip out west to possibly do Groundspeak, the “original” and the Ape. Would be fun to do those on a trip.

  2. Katy Rose says:

    I will be at GeoWoodstock also. But I live here in the NW so it isn’t a far trip. I went the the Un-original stash for my 500th. I am putting together plans to go to the APE cache in May or June. Just need to go the Headquarters. Make sure to check out this cache….GC19H5V.

  3. tripcyclone says:

    Thanks for the tip Katy. I marked it down. When we go to Portland, here’s another one I want to hit: GC1G3H2.

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