As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to GeoWoodstock VIII this summer.  I’m traveling with my friend WebScouter. and we have about two weeks free to explore.  So what are some plans, and what does this post’s title mean?Our plans involve arriving on July 2nd.  This is due to my work schedule if I teach Summer School (they haven’t officially decided yet due to state level budget decisions).  We already have a few goals in mind for things to hit (click on them to see the related cache page).

If time allows, we are also looking at crossing into Canada for a day, hitting THE SPACE CACHE EXPERIMENT, as well as just general exploring.  I’m up for virtuals and Earthcaches too, and any puzzles that I can solve before the trip will go into our trip database for potential visits.  I like puzzles (as the cachers who live in my area have learned first hand) and am always looking for a good puzzle to teach me something new.

However, I am also looking for recommendations, which is where the title comes in.  So, if you have cached in Washington (whether on vacation or because you live(d) there), this is for you.  In fact, I am up for ideas in Oregon, Idaho, or Canada, provided they aren’t too far from the Washington border.  We both enjoy creative hides, interesting sites, amazing views, etc., so please keep that in mind before making a recommendation (meaning that LPC you were about to recommend better have a #$%^ing SOLID reason for us to visit it).  Oh yeah, please try to include a GC # if you can, or at least the name and what town it’s in.  We are planning on a county run so we’ll take any recommendation within the state.  And since we will be making a run down to Portland, feel free to submit ideas for that as well.

I’ll probably repost this again as we get closer to our trip so if you make a recommendation on this post you wouldn’t need to recommend it again.  I will be keeping a BOOKMARK LIST OF RECOMMENDATIONS.  Feel free to take a look to see what is already up there.  For example, on my last post Katy Rose recommended I visit WE’RE JUST VISITORS.  It was her comment that made me realize that I might want to ask others for their recommendations as well.

So let’s get those hidden gems mentioned and help me build up that list.  Heck, your recommendations might help influence our route.


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One Response to Recommendations?

  1. Katy Rose says:

    Well, hmmm recommendations. We have a couple of local cachers that have some creative hides and containers. Check out CascadesClimber and GeoMimi55. Most of their hides are close to I-5 (from Seattle to Portland). Also make sure to check out: GCR110. I haven’t been to all the caches in the challenge but it is the WA history challenge and most of them should be pretty good. Also, since you are planning on going to all the required caches check out this cache: GC1WYHN.

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