Waiting for the Plane

I am currently at the airport with Webscouter. waiting for our flight to Seattle.  I thought I would post a few quick updates.

As of right now, I am at 2,999 finds.  For my 3,000th find, and my first cache find in the state of Washington, I will be going after one of the only two remaining Project A.P.E. caches left in the world.  A link is in the previous post.

For those who would like to follow us on our journey, I will try to post updates each night here at Trip’s GeoAdventures.  Two other ways to keep up are to follow my Twitter feed, which you can find on near the bottom of the sidebar to the right, and if you look at the very top of that same sidebar, you’ll see a link to a site Webscouter. set up that will track us as we travel.  If you happened to look right now, you’ll see that it shows us in the Kansas City airport.

So follow along to hear about our attempt at the Washington County Challenge, along with hitting our goals that I mentioned in my previous post.

And if any of you will be attending GeoWoodstock VIII, you can easily find me.  I’ll be helping at the registration tables at both the Friday Luau (from 3:00-5:00) and at GeoWoodstock (from 10:00-12:00).  Then, if some people don’t show up to the GeoPoker Tour, I might be playing in that.  I’m high on the waitlist. I hope to meet a lot of geocachers in the upcoming two weeks.


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