Trip Update

If you hadn’t heard already, our trip has a rocky start.  But it has picked up steam.  I’m currently in Spokane getting ready for our drive back to Seattle.Our start.

My car died in KC and we got a ride to the airport from a friend.  Then everything was going well.  The flight was good, with some great views as we crossed the country.  We arrived, got our bags and a car, went to pickup a Forest Pass (to get into parks), then headed straight to Project APE.

Arrived at Project APE, parked, grabbed everything we would need, and headed up the trail.  An amazing trail by the way.  Arrived without too much struggle, found the Project APE cache, and then went after several others nearby.  We headed back as the sun was going down, arriving to find our car had been broken into and a bunch of stuff stolen: cables, power inverter, passport, a back pack and lots of geocoins.  We waited for the police and got our report filed, then went back to Seattle.

Tuesday was obviously a late start, but we made it to Lewiston, ID late that night.  We even added some extra counties in Oregon and had a spectacularly awesome hike to Palouse Falls.  We got about 26 caches that day.

Wednesday’s highlight was GC25, the oldest (and first) cache in Idaho.  That took a huge chunk of time but was very worth it.  We also had some fun visiting various smaller parks and places liked Steptoe Butte.

Now, we are in Spokane.  Due to the loss of my passport, Canada has been crossed off our list, so we are rerouting to grab some NorthEastern counties without driving all the way up like our original route had planned.

So, that’s an update to our trip.  Outside of the car death and car theft, it’s been a great trip.

Don’t forgot that you can click on the link at the top of the sidebar to the right to follow our travels.


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2 Responses to Trip Update

  1. ErikaJean says:

    I’m glad you aren’t letting the car issues get to you! I’m assuming the car that got broken into was a rental?

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