Trip Update #2

I’m sitting in Seattle, getting ready to pack up before heading to the Lost & Found event at the Groundspeak Headquarters.  It’s been a great trip (minus a few problems).  So how are things going?With regards to  our county challenge plans, we are now at 26 out of 39 counties.  We will continue after the event today, and hopefully finish by tomorrow night.  We have seen a lot of really cool caches in our travels and I can’t wait to post some photos from our trip.

Geowoodstock was a blast and definitely something every geocacher should attend once.  I can see why many attend year after year.  It was really cool to see a lot of cachers I only knew by name.  I even got to meet a reader of my blog, Katy (aka: Wheelers of Fortune).  And I even got to see one of the travel bugs in this year’s race.  I’ll provide a more thorough update after I’m home.

Geotwitterers had a few meet ups and it provided a great way to have some friends at the event to hang out with.  A few of us, including CachingCop and SudsyMaggie, along with spaceteacher and NWCrew, all went caching after the event to grab a few geocaches, including Got Coin?, a geocache that requires you to have seen a special Moun10bike coin that has a code on it.

Today, we are heading out to the Lost & Found event before starting our journey through the SouthWestern portion of the state.  From my route planning, we have some more cool caches to visit.  And plenty of more photos to take. 🙂


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One Response to Trip Update #2

  1. Katy Rose says:

    It was good meeting you too. I hope you have enjoyed the rest of your trip. And was able to finish the challenge!

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