Back in KC

I am currently back in Kansas City, for a few more hours.  This afternoon, Webscouter. and I fly to Tuscon.  We are picking up his son’s car (his son is in the military and is stationed overseas) and driving it back to Kansas City.  While doing so, we are going to get the Arizona and Kansas County Challenges finished for Webscouter.  But what about Washington?

Yesterday morning, we officially signed the logbook for the Washington County Challenge.  It was a long journey, filled with many great memories, and one we’d like to forget.  It officially took Webscouter. seven days to finish because he had a few counties already.  It took me another day as one of those counties was put off a day due to time.  Out of our list of goals, we only had two that we didn’t meet.  One was visiting Canada, forsaken due to the loss of my passport in the Great APE Robbery.  The other was visiting Mount St. Helens, forsaken due to time.  But those will still be there the next time so they are easy to drop.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip.  Between the cache finds, attending some fun events, and hanging out with some new friends, who were actually old friends through Twitter, the trip was a blast.  Now to get my laundry finished before our flight to Arizona.


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