Trying to change my luck

This summer has been a chaotic blend of unlucky timing and amazing adventures.  BFrom having my car die and getting robbed while starting a whirlwind two weeks of travel, to traveling to spend time with family and go through the very honest, trust-every-word experience of purchasing a new car, the last month has to be one of the crazier times I’ve had in a long time.  And it isn’t over yet.

After nine days of traveling through Washington, and parts of Oregon and Idaho, Webscouter. and I then went to SW Arizona and drove back to Kansas City.  I added New Mexico to my list of cached states, got to visit the oldest church in the United States in Sante Fe, visited the Very Large Array (the VLA is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory…but it was too late to get a tour), and touched a piece of nucleur science history.  Oh, and I visited the one cache called Mingo.  No big deal.  It’s just the OLDEST ACTIVE CACHE in the world!  I’m working on figuring out a way to not only display my route on here, but also include photos and the caches we visited.

Once back from all of that, I then hopped a flight to Dallas, where I’m currently spending time with my family.  I haven’t gotten out after any caches yet, but I did replace my muggled cache down here.  Much of my time has been spent purchasing a new car and taking care of some financial issues since a checkbook was amongst the things that were stolen in the theft mentioned above. 

But wait.  I said it isn’t over yet.  Once back in Kansas City, I have to go to work to help out with something next week, then turn around and head up to Nebraska to attend a wedding.  Then I finally get to come home for good, with maybe about a week left before I report back to work to start the new school year. 

Like I said.  It’s been a crazy summer.

Oh, and while I have access to a computer, the primary monitor I have to use isn’t very well calibrated and efforts to fix that haven’t been fruitful. This has limited my ability to do proper image processing.  So photos of my travels will have to wait.


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4 Responses to Trying to change my luck

  1. ErikaJean says:

    At least you’re making the most of your summer!

  2. sumajman says:

    I believe I heard on Podcacher that you were robbed while going to the APE cache. I’m sorry that happened. Hang in there. I appreciate reading your blog.

  3. jadefalcon says:

    Hey, I thought you said you were going to do less caching this year than last year, LOL! I guess you have, since you’re not doing your streak. Anyway, good luck again on the car search. Give me a call this weekend when you get an opportunity.

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