Travels and a new goal

Even though my travels are over and work has begun, I’m not only still dealing with some backlash from the car that died and the car that was robbed (the former might finally be done and the latter will be over soon), but I’m no where close to caught up on reporting about the trip. And after meeting some Geocaching goals, I now have a new goal for myself.I’ve been slowly processing photos and posting them on my Flickr Account.  Just click on the Flickr Stream to the lower right to visit some of those photos.  I’m posting my Project365 photos (for those that don’t know, that’s taking one photo a day for a full year), but I’m also posting some of my favorites from each day.  I’ll be starting on day three soon. 🙂

Alongside photos, I’ve also started using EVERYTRAIL.  Everytrail is a site that allows me to post my routes, insert photos, and tell a story, all superimposed over a map showing the route.  It’s pretty cool and I’ve already got two days of travel up and an overview map of my trip through Washington/Oregon/Idaho.  For an overview of the trip, check out my GEOWOODSTOCK VIII MAP. Within that map’s details, there are links to individual trips for each day. This map will be updated as I add more days.

This whole process of updating details about my trip will take time so I’ve got some work ahead of me.

But on to my goals.  So what exactly have I met?  Over the course of the summer, particularly over the course of my travels, I have done the following:

  • Found my first Project APE cache and my first Washington cache in the same find.
  • Completed the Washington State County Challenge
  • Found my first Idaho, Oregon, and New Mexico cache.
  • Found the oldest active cache, Mingo.
  • Found caches in over 100 counties in the US across 12 states (89 counties I had never found before)
  • Including layovers, I visited 14 states.
  • Got robbed for the first time.
  • Had a car die for the first time
  • Bought a new car
  • Attended a wedding

Okay, so two of those weren’t so fun.  But that’s a lot of things to do over the course of five weeks.  So how can I set any more goals.  Well, the only other one I’m really aiming for is to hit 1000 caches in 2010.  I’m less than 50 caches from that goal so that’s really not that big of a goal for me.  So what is my big goal?  Well, it’s not what you might think.

I recently started taking some more efforts to improve my health.  One was drinking more water.  I purchased a water filter and a water bottle.  My goal is empty that water bottle over the course of my work day every day.  That’s a start and an increase water intake not only improves my health but will help reduce wait a bit as I cut out other substitutes.

Next involves some inspiration from other cachers, particularly cachers on Twitter.  I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets lately about distances hiked.  Then I learned about a challenge cache related to it.  I’ve also seen others who are just getting out to hike to improve their exercise.  I like hiking, but the kind of hiking I like isn’t as common around here.  So, with inspiration from some of my twitter friends: @ERIKAJEAN, @CURMUDGEONLYGAL, @GEEZFOOLS, and @SUDSYMAGGIE, I’ve decided to set a mileage goal for myself. The goal is to hike 100 miles by the end of September.

This won’t be easy. By the numbers alone I need to hike average 2.5 miles a day just to meet the goal in time. Starting off that high may or may not work. I figure as I get going I’ll be able to increase the mileage. A GPSr provides me with an easy way to track my mileage. That only leaves shoes. I usually don’t have sneakers around so I’ll need to go get some cheap sneakers.

I’ll keep track of my mileage on here for those that want to follow along. Anyone want to join in the challenge? Let me know. Support is always good and it wouldn’t be too hard to track both our mileages on here.

Here’s to 100 miles by the end of September.


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4 Responses to Travels and a new goal

  1. jadefalcon says:

    Hey, good job on refocusing your efforts onto improving yourself. Over the past week and a half, (yes in this 100+ heat), I have walked every day, save for one, 2.66 miles. Tough to get started on, but once you get into a rhythm and make it part of your routine, it makes it easier. As for the water part, I drink some of the ‘best tap water in the US’, so I don’t feel I need to filter it.

    Now, have you done your 2.5 miles today? 🙂

  2. tripcyclone says:

    You haven’t seen some of the reports on Missouri water then.

    And no. I’m going to go get some sneakers tomorrow after work. Decided on this goal a bit late today.

  3. jadefalcon says:

    I drink 64 ounces of that water every day I go to work, plus several glasses while at home on the weekend. I sure wouldn’t spend the money on that kind of stuff. One of my friends filters his water, and to me it just tastes funny.

    And when you get the sneakers, no matter how cheap, make sure you get some insoles with arch support so you don’t kill your feet.

  4. ErikaJean says:

    My recommendation is to go to a shoe place that is more specialized then somewhere like Dicks or Footlocker. I got mine at New Balance.. they measured my foot (i needed wider shoes)… but an small running/walking shoe place would work… I say spend the extra money on shoes and get the right ones that work for you the first time around 😉 Some stores will even have you walk/run so they can see how your feet fall to get you a good shoe.

    …And jadefalcon is right, once you get into a routine it will be a lot easier!

    Good luck!!! (I’m obsessed with – might be something worth loking into – even if you don’t have your GPS you can map routes.)

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