Snow Days

I’m not saying it’s everything, but at least a few things people think off when they think of teachers is time off.  Summer Vacation, Spring Break, Winter Break…Snow Days.  Sometimes, it’s great to have that kind of time off.  Sometimes, it gets a bit boring.Since December, 22nd, I’ve had almost one full month off.  Counting weekends from that day:

  1. 13 days off (Winter Break)
  2. 4 days on (3 with students)
  3. 5 days off (3 school closings due to weather)
  4. 2 days on
  5. 4 days off (1 holiday, 1 weather related closing) <—Day 4 is today
  6. 3 days on (with current weather predictions…could change)
  7. Weekend

So let’s count. With weekends, I’ve had 24 days off by the end of this coming weekend, if I work the next three days.  Today was called off due mostly to black ice and unsafe rural roads.  The temps are lower tomorrow and snow is predicted, but not until the afternoon.  So I might get to work.  But we’re expected over 5 inches on Thursday alone, so whether I get those three days or not is unclear at this time.

That may seem nice.  Lots of time to relax and not have to work.  But when you’ve been off this much, especially when it’s unplanned, sometimes you are ready to go back to work.

I haven’t done much geocaching during this time.  Why not?  In this weather, geocaching isn’t as much fun for me unless I have some friends along for to enjoy the fun.  But, I have some books, some Great TB Race work, movies, etc., to keep me busy.  While I’m bored of the time off, I’m at least not bored with my time.


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3 Responses to Snow Days

  1. ErikaJean says:

    How many of those days will you have to make up at the end of the year (that was always our biggest fear as a kid – staying in school LONGER) ?

  2. tripcyclone says:

    Every single one of them. We don’t have snow days built in. Instead, we have make-up days built in. We are up to five now, pushing us into the week after we normally would have gotten out.

  3. ErikaJean says:

    That sucks. We always had the snow days, but once we had five… it started to tack onto the end of the year.

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