Spring Break

It’s that time of year again and for the first time in several years, I get a full week off instead of just a four day weekend.  I’m excited, but I’m also nervous.  What am I going to do with all that time?There are several options for how to fill my time, and they center around whether I stay home or travel.

If I stay home, I always have the option of Geocaching.  Can’t go wrong there and I’ll have plenty of time to try and catch up to my numbers the last two years.  Heck, I’ve passed 1100 finds each of the last two years and I only have 18 so far this year.  Oh, and several of those are events.

I can work on image processing.  I have a lot of images to go through and it would be nice to get some more up on my Flickr account.

I can do spring cleaning sit around the house as that is already done.

I would definitely get some Great TB Race stuff done, and maybe write some Creative Caches & Containers posts in advance.  I have one to write for another geocacher already.

But what if I travel?  I could go to Nebraska to see some friends.  Sounds like they are a bit busy during the next two weekends.  I could go to Dallas to see family, but they are busy too, with some traveling, and if I go do, chances are high I’m going to be put to heavy house work.  I might be able to snake out of some of it.

Yet, travel costs money.  And right now, I’m trying to save up for GeoWoodstock this summer.  So travel is out this Spring Break.  I had already canceled a planned trip to Tennessee to visit relatives because of that little detail.

So it looks like I’ll be staying home this break.  It will be some good “me time”…as if I don’t get enough during the summer.  It has been a hard year this year at work and this little bit of time will help to refresh me for the next two months.

And maybe I can put together a few more posts for this site too.  We’ll see. 🙂


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