Tracking Counties

There are a lot of different stats that a geocacher can track, but one that isn’t always remembered is the number of counties you have visited.  Before the It’s Not About the Numbers stats site went down, some of the interesting maps they produced were county maps.  GSAK Macros can also do this.  Hmmm…about a website devoted to tracking counties?Counties can be tracked for a number of reasons.  Some might do it to see where they’ve been.  Others might be working on a county challenge.  Or maybe you just want to see how many counties you’ve visited.  Well then, you might want to visit the Counties Visited Map.

The Counties Visited Map is designed as a user controlled tracking system.  No GPX files, no KML files, just the site and you.  Use of the site is completely free and it can produce an entire US map, or individual state maps.  Users log in, then pick a state and start clicking on counties.  By default, it will shade those counties red.  This can be changed either by selecting one of a set list of colors, or by entering hex values for custom coloring.  You can see the selection at the top of this screenshot of my Missouri map:

As you can see, state level maps show major highways and cities, which can be helpful when marking counties.  You’ll notice I have three colors used: red, green, and blue.  This was merely my way of marking how many caches I had found in the marked counties.

Another nice feature is when you log in.  When picking which map to work with, it provides a list of states.  Beside that list it tells you how many counties you have found within that state, how many there are total, and the percentage of counties you have found.  Much easier than having to look up the information or count counties on a map/list.

You can also create more than one map.  For example, if you are planning a trip you can go through and mark out which counties you plan to hit.  You could then print that off to help check off counties as you go.

This is a rather specialized site.  It really doesn’t do much else.  Yet it can be a fun way to customize how you track counties, and produce maps from that data.  So far, I have found geocaches in 406 counties out of a total 3141 counties in the United States.  This translates to roughly 12.9% of the countries counties.

You can also look at other people’s maps, and there is even a Standings page.  There is one person on the site that has already found all 3141.  The next person is less than 100 away, with a third just over 100 away.  Pretty impressive feats.  As for looking at other people’s maps, I don’t really look too much except to see how my buddy Webscouter. is doing.  He’s at 1196 counties.  I doubt I’ll ever catch up to that without winning the lottery first.

And don’t forget the User Maps page.  The default name for the map is “My Counties Visited Map”, which you’ll see a lot on this page.  But do some searching and you’ll find some geocachers using the maps as well.

If you like stats and you liked the county maps feature on the old Its Not About the Numbers site, you’ll probably like this site.  Check it out.  It is free after all.


PS: Yes, I’m aware that there are GSAK macros (particularly FindStatsGen) that can do the same thing.  But this one can be fun too. 🙂
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3 Responses to Tracking Counties

  1. dmr37 says:

    Unfortunately, this site is now off-line.

  2. Elonka says:

    Yeah, this site sounded perfect, but it appears to be gone. Anyone know of something else comparable?

  3. Diorex says:

    Requires sign up but looks to do the same thing.

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