Busy Busy Busy…ooooh Stars!!!!

I have been a very busy boy lately. Or at least it seems I’ve been rather busy. Or maybe I have and I’m convincing myself that I really wasn’t. Or maybe I just need to move on with this post.  So what has been keeping me so busy?  Why haven’t I been posting so much?First of all, some of you know this, some of you don’t.  I started a new relationship at the end of 2010.  It is quite serious, and it has resulted in my reevaluating some of my priorities and shifting my free time around.  I AM NOT COMPLAINING!  I had intended to improve the frequency of my posts this year and then turned around and got serious in a relationship.  Talk about good timing.

On top of that, this last school year was a BEAST!  Definitely the most challenging in the sense of just plain shock and awe towards the behavior and attitude of students.  So that often resulted in coming home to find myself rather beat and just needing to relax.

So there you have it, my mentality this Spring just wasn’t up to regular postings.  But I’m going to make an effort.  And I have some reasons to do so.  A coworker gave me an idea that I am looking into.  If things are well, it will be something I can begin talking about, but for now, only a few close personal friends even know what it is…and they seem to think it has potential too.

Geocaching wise, I’ve been slow.  This has to be the slowest year for me so far.  It took me until June to pass 100 geocaches.  Since my girlfriend and I are separated by distance, my weekends have been devoted to spending time with her.  This summer has me getting out a bit more during the week so I’ll still get in my geocaching.  I am currently working on plans for the Halloween event I usually host each year, along with a few geocache ideas.

On top of that, I am now one of the presenters at this year’s Nebraska Star Party (or NSP for short).  My presentation at NSP will be about using social networking and internet media within the astronomy world.   So I have some research to do so I can provide some resources to my fellow NSP attendees.  This is pretty fun for me as I really enjoy astronomy but don’t get out as often to enjoy it.  NSP is one of those events I love to go to and since I started going in 2001 (or was it 2002), I’ve only missed two years.  One because I was moving and one because of work.  I’m excited to go back.  This isn’t the first time I’ve presented there either.  Back in 2006 or 2007, I presented on how to improve astronomy outreach events.

As a result of this presentation, you’ll likely be seeing a few more astronomy related posts in the next few weeks.  My presentation is on August 3rd in Valentine, NE and I will be putting some posts together as examples for use in my presentation. I also created a new Twitter Account solely for the purpose of astronomy.

Hmm…I may have to dig out my previous presentation just so you all can see what I talked about.


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One Response to Busy Busy Busy…ooooh Stars!!!!

  1. ErikaJean says:

    It sure does sounds like you’ve been busy! Wooo whoo for the GF!

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