Life’s Changes

I have been busy the last few days trying to get grades updated for progress reports.  It has made trying to do the next Opencaching piece a bit slower than I planned.  Maybe I can try to work on it tomorrow afternoon.   Yet, as I thought about it, life has been throwing me several changes lately.  The biggest one….

I’m getting married!

You heard that right.  I’m getting married.  The wedding will be near the end of this summer.  That means a lot of busy stuff going on as we try to get all the planning in.  On top of that goes all the usual accompanying changes such as finances, where to live, how all of my stuff that she hasn’t claimed is now hers (like my…sorry, HER couch…which is admittedly very comfy), and of course, figuring out big concepts like when to have kids.

So yeah, life has been a bit more hectic lately.

And exciting!


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One Response to Life’s Changes

  1. Congratulations on your engagement! Best wishes to your and your fiance.

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