The Year in Review – 2012

Wow.  It seems like only a week ago it was December…2011.  This year has been a whirlwind year for me.  And a year of silence in a way.  It seems every year I think about this blog and intend to use it more only to get side tracked.  At least this year, I have some significant events to sidetrack me.  Let’s look at my year in review:


In the world of Geocaching, I did Imagenot have a significant year.  I found less then 200 caches this year.  That is low considering I found over 1000 caches in both 2009 and 2010.  I did make it to 3700 find though.  And I did it while making a new friend…CaptainMath.  Visiting from the East Coast, I took him around KC then a week later we made a day run with another local cacher, SerenaGale.  I made 3700 with a really cool challenge…The Sea to Sea/Border to Border Challenge.

I also hosted my last Halloween event.  The theme was The Princess Bride.  With the help of some fellow Geocachers, we had an event that was well executed with some fun memories and music.

Travel Bug Race

This unfortunately will be my last year hosting the Great TB Race.  The biggest reason is time.  More information can be found there, along with all information from past years too.

Non-Geocaching Geo-located Games

I’ve taken up Munzee, Waymarking, and Ingress (the new Google game).  All three have potential and I’m enjoying exploring them all.  Time will tell how much I get into them.


I applied for a job as the Community Coordinator for Garmin.  I obviously didn’t get it.  Frankly, I haven’t been too impressed with what I’ve seen from them since the position was filled.  Or I should say, I haven’t been impressed with how the position has been managed.  Reading on their forums, I’m not alone in some of my feelings.  I have a bad taste in my mouth from the experience and that is about all I’m going to say on the subject.


I have been in not one, but TWO accidents this year.  One was major and resulted in my car being totaled.  The second was considerably more minor, but my wallet wasn’t happy in the end that’s for sure.  You can read about the first on here.

The second one was a result of conditions.  I came around a curve on a major highway at night and the car in front of me slipped into the next lane.  I saw a car pulled over on the side and saw plenty of room between my lane and where they were.  Before I could really process much of what was going on, I ran over something, then ran over the deer the other car had just killed.  Between seeing the deer and hitting it I probably had only a few seconds of reaction time.  I probably would have done more damage trying to veer out of the way.  My car suffered some minor damage, including a support bracing coming loose, a panel being pulled out, and a flat tire.  $500 dollars and some insurance later, I’m good as new.


With the introduction of Communities, I find myself trying to explore Google+ a bit more.  This is a result of starting a community for Creative Geocaching.  It seems like an exciting way to connect with creative geocachers the world over, sharing tips, ideas, and creative finds/hides.  If you use Google+, come on over and join the group.  The more users contributing, the more we can build up the community.  And feel free to follow me.  Just go to the community and you’ll find me listed as the moderator.


The biggest thing in my life this year was my relationship.  I went from being in a relationship to being engaged, to being married.  WHOA!  That definitely is a change of pace for me.  And it has been a wonderful change.  I can’t really go into all the possible details of how my wife has changed my life but I know I’m not the only one out there able to say that so I’m not alone.  Here is a photo from our wedding day, taken after the ceremony while we were getting professional shots done out at the farm.  My buddy 8601Delphinium took the picture:


Work and Home

As part of my marriage, I also moved North.  Not having family around is hard and she had deep roots in her area with a lot of family around.  So I moved up to her area.  This obviously doesn’t quite help my job when my commute would go from 20 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes.  So I got a new job up in St. Joseph, MO.  Still teaching 8th grade science, but due to curriculum differences I get to teach Physics, Chemistry, Geology, and my favorite…Astronomy.  I’ve taught the last two before, but not the first two.  So I’m also learning at the same time.  So far the job has been good.

Now you can see just how much my life has changed.  Throw in some minor things like presenting at a state teacher’s conference again, being part of a committee to earn National Accreditation, and getting to watch my cousin get married, and it has been a year full of ups and downs.

So what about this blog?  Each year I keep making a resolution to put it to use more.  Maybe this year I will do better.  I am trying my hand at another 52 week photo challenge run by my buddy HooHaa out in New York.  That might be fun to post about.  In my new area I find I have some visual incentive to get back into observing more (some beautiful night skies).

Now to get ready for dinner and then some sledding to close out the year.  Here’s to a wonderful 2013.


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