A Geocaching Goal for 2013

My goals in Geocaching are going to be rather simple this year.  Wait a minute…one will be simple.  Over the last two years, I haven’t made a lot of progress in various aspects of Geocaching.  So why not try to do so this year.My first goal is to reach 4000 finds.  I am currently at 3765.  Since mid-2010, I have sat in the 3000 finds range.  Over the course of the last two calender years, I have found a total of only 415 finds.  For me, that is low compared to my history.  In my first year alone I grabbed over 300!  So I really want to improve my finds this year to the next milestone bracket.  So I need to find 235 caches in 2013.  That shouldn’t be too hard right?

The harder goal is going to be to fill in my calender year.  I am currently at 270 days out of 366 (I thankfully got Leap Day last year).  That leaves only 96 days of caching that I need.  That doesn’t seem like so much.  The hard part is getting out to make finds on every day.  That isn’t so easy, particularly if my schedule is packed.  Finds by Calender Date 1/3/13What will help me is where I am located.  There are easily over 200 caches within about 30 miles of home.  And considering I work in a larger city, there are plenty of unfound caches there too.  So the hard part isn’t finding caches to go after, it’s going after caches on busy days.  Like tomorrow.  I will be in meetings all day, then I have a long drive home to pick up my wife and head BACK down to the city for dancing.  So I will have to find a quick cache to get between those two events, or during my lunch break.

HOLY COW!  That just reminded me of something I forgot to mention in my 2012 Year in Review post a few days ago.  I learned how to square dance!  My wife and I took some lessons this fall and we graduated in December.  So we can now do Mainstream Square Dancing.  Being someone who never got into dancing and never really found a way to enjoy it, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had at our lessons.  We’ve even been to several area dances.  Definitely a fun activity for couples to try and I’d recommend it.  If not to learn something new, it’s because I’ve yet to go to a dance where everyone didn’t start laughing multiple times, even if mistakes were made.

Okay.  Time to eat dinner as I’m going to listen to GeoGearHeads.  Their episode will include an interview with a geofriend of mine who has placed some creative hides.  I’ve been lucky enough to find some of them and recommended him to Darryw4 when he said he was looking for creative hiders.  It should be a fun show.

So what are some goals YOU set?


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2 Responses to A Geocaching Goal for 2013

  1. toflabeuze says:

    366 days calendar is great challenge, good luck 🙂

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