Filling the Calender – Day 2

Today’s stop was for a cache called LeCleade.  I had several choices for what to go after and this just happened to be the first of three possible spots.

I arrived on scene to notice signs about no parking.  I actually was able to get into a spot where I could actually see the cache itself.  Since it was along a side street to the highway, I just decided to pull up, hop out, and grab it.  I was expecting a pill bottle based on the description and found a glass bottle covered in duct tape.  I signed the log sheet, prepared to take a photo….and my phone crashed. DOH!

Once rebooted, I got a photo and replaced the cache.  Of course…my luck that I my phone doesn’t seem to have saved the photo.  Likely because I took it quickly while my phone was still finishing the boot up.  Oh well.

2 days down, 94 to go.


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