Filling the Calender – Day 3

Today was a much easier day to try and grab a cache.  No time constraints and the freedom to so anything other than a hiker (I try not to do any that might tear up my work clothes).  Today I decided to attempt Welcome Friends

It didn’t take long to spot this regular sized cache.  Any cache would have instantly spotted the orange-colored container set under a collection of rocks.  Here is the view from above (imagine the cache pushed a little further in and concealed only by a statue thinner than the cache itself).


You might notice not just one, but two snakes.  Part of the fun of this cache.  Next to the spot were some decorated Christmas Trees.  It was obvious that this was designed to be real easy to spot so I don’t feel horrible showing how it was hidden.  If this was more carefully concealed, I would only show the container itself.

That makes 3 days down and 93 to go.


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