Filling the Calender – Day 4

Trying to fill a calender that already has 270 days filled in means I will have the occasional day, or even week, where I can take a break. Today is not one of those days, but tomorrow involve a break. I will have a single day off before I go forth with another set of finds. The real break begins in late May, which is when I began an attempt several years ago to do a cache a day for the whole summer. I made it 100 days.

Today’s cache was another quick, after work cache. Knowing that there will be days where I will have to expand my radius a bit, I might as well not confine myself to the closest cache to whatever location I am at when I am free to get one. That is a lesson I learned during the summer attempt in 2009. So I decided to drive to the East side of St. Jo after work to make my find. Today’s cache was by a friend of mine, Mo Pirate. The cache was X marks the spot.


I knew I was looking for an ammo can. I knew it was behind a shopping center. From satellite images, I was NOT able to tell there was a small hill. Of course, I was also NOT able to tell how much mud would be involved. After all, I am in work clothes. The recent and still melting snow added enough moisture that there was no way to get to this one without getting a tad dirty. Oh well. As long as I’m not bushwhacking to the point of tearing holes in my nice clothes, I can handle a bit of dirt.

The cache location was visible upon approach, thankfully. That saved some climbing around. I signed the log, got a picture, and headed out. Tomorrow I get a break, then I have a four day stretch to complete. January was my worst month, with 17 open days. September follows with 15, then February & April with 12 each, with December being the only other month in double digits with 11.

So right now, I have 4 days down and 92 to go.


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