Filling the Calender – Days 5, 6, 7, & 8

Whoa! It has been a busy four days but I still made my finds. I needed to fill January 10th – 13th. I knew Saturday would be easy as I was attending an event. It would be the other days that would require some effort. Everything worked out so here we go.

For the first day, I went after a cache called GC3W7D4 FindCandle Stick.  Located on the East side of St. Jo,  the name made me laugh when I got close as it was a combination of the venue and the hide.  It was a quick find, which was nice since there was some rain coming down.  Not a lot, but enough to make me get wet if it wasn’t a quick find.  I did have some trouble finding my name after I signed it.

That takes me to 91 days left to complete.

For Friday, I knew I needed to go to Menard’s to find something so I just decided to try and find a cache near there.  GC40WP2 FindI knew some caches were in the area surrounding them, but it ended up being On the Fifth Day of Christmas… that I went after.  This is actually part of a series.  The second iteration of a series.  A local friend of mine by the name of Mo Pirate had hid a series based on the song years back but over time they disappeared.  He finally got up the desire to try it again and this is one of them.  You have to find all 12 days, with each one having a clue inside that helps to find the final.  I got the clue from this one and maybe I should check out the others to try and finish it this year.  This particular day was a bit devious and I looked for a few minutes before finally spotting something odd enough to lead me to the find.

That takes me to 90 days left.

For Saturday, I knew I would get caches.  I was heading to Kansas City to attend the Geo U in NKC event.  This is the idea of another friend of mine, Trekkie79.  He contacted me a few years back to help develop the idea of an event to pull together people from the local caching community to present on various topics.  It ended up being a popular winter event, at a point when weather can hinder some cachers.  Topics have ranged from GSAK to Puzzles to finding caches while on trips.  This time the presenters included  a local GSAK expert and a representative from Garmin talking about Opencaching and some new things coming down the line.

After the event, I joined a group of cachers at a nearby park to knock out a grand total of nine caches.  Lots of fun, even in the cold.

That takes me to 89 days left to finish.

For today, I stopped at a local park to grab

I found a Kitty.

I found a Kitty.

Baby Hello Kitty.  This was a bit of a stumper at first.  The coords took me right to where I needed to go.  I even looked at the correct location twice.  But somehow I missed it.  So I widened my search and looked in a few more locations.  Finally, I went back to the location I started at and my eyes picked up something.  Soon enough, the container was in hand.  Thankfully the owner had double packed this one.  You can see the very small sealed tube in my fingers, which was inside the Hello Kitty toy, which was inside a second sealed container.  The way this was set up was pretty good and I got a smile from finding it.

With that, I have 8 days done, with 88 to go.  The next two days I am off from needing finds.  My next needed day is Wednesday.


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