Filling the Calender – Days 9, 10, & 11

Ahhhh, the weekend.  And a three day weekend for me.  Which is helpful as I am currently in a stretch of five days in a row that I need.  Two of them are done, along with getting last Wednesday.  I have found a few nice ones too.

Wednesday ended up being a busy day for me.  I had to administer a test to my students, then got home a bit later than planned, only to turn around and need to leave again.  But in between all of this I was at least able to find some time to grab a cache.  It did take some trial and error though.  One cache I stopped for made me nervous.  Previous logs mentioned a safety concern and there were multiple DNF’s.  When I arrived on scene, I immediately saw the concern.  An opening in the light pole with some wires.  I hope it truly isn’t in there.  But I searched the nearby tree too and came up empty.  On to the next site.

GC1NB42 FindAt the next spot, I ended up walking away as I ran into a fence on the edge of the park.  The coords put it on the other side of the fence by a business and with it being dark out I just decided not to attempt it.  The park did have one more cache that ended up being perfect.  It was Donaldson-Westside Park (‘n Grab?).  It was a quick find, which is nice in the dark.  What caught my attention was the container.  This is the first true decon container I have seen in a while and it gave me an opportunity to tightly remember why they work well as cache containers.   I signed the log, which you can see here, and headed out to continue my busy evening.

Thursday was a day off from filling the calender, but Friday brought me right back to caching with the start of five days in a row without a find.  And it was another busy day.  My extra job duties had me after work for an additional two hours, then I needed to pick up my wife across town.  We had a square dance to go to last night.  GC4106G FindIn between picking her up and grabbing a bite to eat, we stopped at On the Sixth Day of Christmas… so I could claim a find.  If you remember, I claimed the Fifth Day the previous Friday (hmmm…a trend?!?).  That was a well concealed hide.  This was a bit simpler, but getting to it involved a steep little hill…in work shoes.  The find was concealed well enough, but in a simpler fashion than the Fifth Day.  I have been liking the container, which have each been decorated to reflect which day it represents.  Here you see the 6 Geese a Laying on the pill bottle, with my signature behind it.

So the evening went well with lots of fun at the dance.  But when we got home it was rather late.  I was going to wait until the morning to grab a cache when my wife said “Well, technically it is Saturday already.”  Looking at the clock, it was 12:15 AM and she was right.  So why not get it out of the way so I don’t have to worry about it.   A 12:30 AM find.  That is sound cacher logic. Right?

I looked up some caches on my phone, found one to go after, and got ready to leave.  As I came to a stop sign, I realized there might be a better option.  Looking it up real quick while at the intersection, I pulled up Jocks Nich, located at a local sports store of the same name.  GC3K60J FindTo me, it seemed like a good idea as I could avoid many of the muggles that normally would be a problem.  Plus, with it being a larger container than the one I was going to attempt, it would be easier to find at night.

Arriving on scene, thankfully with some parking behind the store, I had a short fifty foot walk into an alley to make the find.  It was quick to find too, even with the tape helping blend it in.  I went back to my car and signed the log before putting it back.

Another day down.

With that, I believe it takes me to 11 days down, 85 to go.  I have six days left in January to complete the month, including the next three days.  After that, I will earn a four day break before finishing out the month.  Coincidentally, my wife asked me last night why I didn’t just get one every day of the year in a row.  DOH!  Should have thought about that.  It might have been possible this year more than ever.  Oh well.  I will just focus on filling the calender for now.



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