Filling the Calender – Days 12 thru 15

Boy has it been a busy week.  Work had me busy with starting a new unit.  Though we are now teaching with bunsen burners, so the kids are more attentive.  I had one day off at the start of the week for MLK Jr Day, so that was nice.  Yet there were a full three more days last week and then today to claim to help fill my Geocaching calender.  So let’s see how things are going.

Day 12 involved another Hello Kitty cache.  You may remember GC3RF9Dthat I found one two weeks earlier on Day 8.  That one was in a wooded area of a local park.  Well this one, called Hello Kitty’s “Home Tweet Home”, was also in the same park, but across the lake.  Wind was not my friend either.  It was pretty harsh and even though I was looking around a tree, that didn’t seem to help buffer it very much.  I probably circled that tree four or five times, looking in and around at every angle I could think of looking.  Twice I went back to my car to warm up and read prior logs.

Of course, as many of these kinds of geocaching stories go, I was about to give up when I happened to spot something odd.  Yep, it was the cache.  Inside was another Hello Kitty toy with a cache.  I quickly signed and replaced, eager to get to my destination in time (which I did make).

On Monday, I had the day off from work, but not from caching. GC1NMGA I decided to attempt a cache I had previously DNF’ed.  The cache was Bobby Bearcat Lives Here.  Boy am I glad I did.  Previous logs had indicated that it might be INSIDE the light pole.  I didn’t stick my hand into the opening the previous time.  This time, after thoroughly searching the surrounding tree, I finally took another look and eventually found it, exactly where logs hinted at (it had several DNF logs).  I was not happy as this is a live pole.  It was the access point for an electrician needing to maintenance the light.  Emailing the owner and talking to some people online, it was eventually determined that someone had moved it to that location.  It got corrected, with the coordinates modified to reflect a safer location.

Tuesday was the last day I needed in a five day streak.  Finishing it would give me a GC3KKG5four day break from needing to find caches for my calender.  This one ended up being a late night run, but a run that was successful as I found PARTS, PARTS, AND MORE PARTS.  The name came from being located in the parking lot of a local auto-parts store.  As soon as I parked I knew where to look, making avoiding muggles my only concern.  Being right along one of the two major roads in town means that even at night traffic is to be expected.  With the right window of opportunity, I made the find and sat in my car to sign.  A repeat performance putting it back and I was off to cross the main road to go to Wal-mart for some items.  Another day done.

Now I intended to blog about these three days during my geo-time off.  Somehow that didn’t happen.  IGC3J0P7 was about to write it today when I remembered my schedule was free to go claim today.  So I looked online, picked out two caches and hit the road.  My plans involved stopping at A Creek With Stones first.  If I didn’t get that one, I was going to try and hit one of the two caches closest to that one.  Luckily, I made the find at stop number one.  Knowing the name of the cache, when I pulled up I had my suspicions on where to look.  The question wasn’t where to look but which side to look first.  Two possible locations presented themselves and I hit it on the first one.  YAY!  Grabbed the find and moved to my car to avoid getting the log too wet by the falling mist.  Signed and replaced.

That brings me to 15 days down, 81 to go.  I have two days left in January: Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I will be able to say that four complete months are finished.


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