HooHaa 52 Challenge

My online buddy HooHaa52 has been hosting a yearly photography challenge on Flickr.  The challenge involves taking a photo every week and posting it online.  Seemingly easy to do.  The challenge part is that the photo has to somehow incorporate a particular topic each week.  It isn’t always easy.I first joined the challenge during the 3rd quarter of the 2nd year of the challenge, which was 2011-2012.  This year, I am in it from the start and it falls entirely on the calender year of 2013.  There are only a few rules:

1. Each week, a topic is assigned (randomly drawn from a pool of ideas each of us submitted).  You must take that topic’s photo during that week.

2. Each photo is to be submitted during the following week.  So Week 1’s photo is posted during Week 2.

3. You are only allowed one photo per week.

4. The photo can be whatever you want as long as it fits the topic.  How you interpret the topic is up to you.

The rules are more to help keep order in how the challenge works.  Currently, there are 16 people participating in this year’s challenge.  Hopefully, everyone sticks it out to the end.  Not everyone did last year (for various reasons).  We all hope that some of the new changes will help make things easier enough to help keep everyone going.  One thing that keeps me going is not only receiving comments on my photos, but the opportunity to see how others interpreted the topic.  I’ve gotten some ideas for photos from what other people did.

Right now, the topic for this week (week 5) is “Black and White”.  Coincidentally, my photo for Week 3 (Bridges) not only fit for Week 4 (Up Close), but also for Week 5.  LOL!  That happened on Week 1 (New) as well, as I took a photo that also worked for Week 2 (Weather).  You can see all of the photos I have taken for the challenge by going to my HooHaa52 – Year 3 set on Flickr.

I just finished posting my photo for week 4.  The topic was Up Close.  My photo was taken in my classroom.  Check it out:

Boiling Water
I took the photo Friday afternoon before going home for the weekend.  The flame is coming out of a Bunsen Burner.  We were doing demos of boiling water as part of our discussion of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation in class.  After trying various angles, I chose to go with this one.  I knew this would be the angle to use soon after I started taking them.  Then it was just a matter of getting the timing and focus right.  Without a tripod, I had to be careful with the shot as I was using a longer exposure to really show the detail in the flame and heating of the wire mesh.

Of course, then I left my camera at work over the weekend so I didn’t get to work with the photo until today.  I am happy with out it came out.  What appealed to me was the detail and how it laid out in the photo.   The flame, heating of the wire mesh, and bubbles all fell along focus points in the shot, rather evenly placed along the central line.  While the Rule of Third’s would suggest using one of several points along a grid, I feel trying to line it up along one of those lines would make it seem out of place or forced into the rule.

Feel free to follow along and see what photos I take throughout the year.  If you want to see some of the photos taken by the rest of the group, check out the group page at HooHaa52.  If you are a photographer, I believe the group is now closed and not accepting any more people for the challenge.  But feel free to follow along or try the challenge yourself.  You might get some inspiration like I have.


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