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In February, I once again gave a presentation on Geocaching Puzzles at the local Geo-U event in Kansas City.  After the event, I tried multiple times to get the presentation online to share with attendees but kept having problems with Slideshare.  I finally got it up tonight after trying again.  So I put it up here for everyone interested in some more resources.

Now before we begin, a few notes to mention.  My presentation this year was a culmination of several areas of puzzles on  I wanted to show that not all puzzles are evil, hard to solve, brain-cell expanding puzzles.  So we look at a couple of varieties of puzzles to help show the differences they bring.  You will see a link labeled “GBR Trail”.  That is a great example as there were a bunch of puzzles ranging from REALLY simple all the way up to headache-inspiring.  So check out that link, then look through some of the other puzzles along that large power trail.

Another thing was to look at some steps to create puzzles.  While many may consider solving puzzles, trying to create one can be both fun and helpful.  The work that goes into it may give you ideas for solving other puzzles.

Then we want to look at puzzle solving.  This is probably the hardest topic to present on.  There is no definite way to solve puzzles.  So instead, I try to look at puzzle resources.  Since we have already visited some of the variety of puzzles out there, that helps show people how to think outside the box.  But once outside the box, additional resources may be required.  This presentation does bring back some resources previously mentioned on this blog.  Go to that link to see another presentation that is chock full of online resources.  Not all of the information is the same.  Some new resources were mentioned this time around, but a lot were left out.

As always, I offer people to shoot me questions about puzzles.  I will do my best to answer it if possible.  So here is the presentation:

Don’t forget to check out my previous post on resources. My profile also has a public list titled Geo-U Puzzles.  This is a collection of caches I have presented on at the Geo-U events over the last three years.


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