Filling the Calender Update

It is now late March and I haven’t done an update on my Filling the Calender plans for a while.  I haven’t missed a day yet and I will soon have another month done.  Let’s look at where I currently am on my calender and some highlights.Here is a view of my calender as it sits now:

Stat Calender 3-26-13

As seen here, I was able to finish February and move into March.  March was an easier month to fill.  I only had five days unclaimed and three were in the first week of the month.  Easter Sunday (March 31st) is the only day left for me to finish the month out.  That will be hard as I have a busy weekend and already have several plans for the day.  I will just need to find a quick one to claim.  I can think of a few spots in the area that might be good for that.

Once March is done, that leaves me with only twelve days in April and seven days in May before I hit the summer stretch.  That stretch, extending from May 19th through August 31st, is already claimed.  I can do whatever I provided I make sure to leave caches for the fall.  There have been quite a few caches popping up in my area over the last two years, and more have started to come.  So finding some opportunities to grab caches shouldn’t be a problem.  I just need to avoid the trap I fell into during my 100 days streak and only grab one at a time.
IMG_20130207_170514Instead of detailing every find, we will instead look at some highlights.  The first one to point out is a cache that I found to be a nice twist on your typical street sign cache.  I won’t be giving a link or code due to the photo.  The cache used a plastic bug, a micro container and some velcro to hide the cache.  The picture should help demonstrate how they were used.  I liked this one because the fun camo and ease of finding it makes for a good cache for children.

The next highlight isn’t a cache itself, but some of the sites I saw while cache.  I was on my way to Two Broke Girls: Chestnut the Horse’s Apartment, when I came across the South Gale School.  This school house was a one room school house that was active from 1922 to 1951.  It has an interesting history, one that I put together when creating a waymark for the site.  Here is a picture of the school:


As February rolled on, the weather became interesting here in the Midwest.  It still IS interesting as we just got snowed on a bit more over the weekend.  What made it fun was that the first big day of snow was also the last day for almost a week that I needed to make a find.  I was going to go have some fun and try to make the find right in the thick of the snowfall, but my wife wanted to go with me and I waited.  By the time we got out, the snow wasn’t so heavy anymore.  I knew I wanted to go after something OTHER than a micro, so I picked an ammo can to go after.   The cache is called Huffy’s Place, and it was located in someone’s well made side-yard.  The way the yard it set up, you would almost think it was a park.  Unfortunately, the cold also made it harder to hold the cache steady AND make sure it was focused.


The last cache I want to mention is called Salem Cemetery.  Located south of Maryville, it is a small cemetery located across a small road from the Salem Church.  Cemeteries can be interesting to explore.  So much history to find there.  I did this one in work clothes, walking through the snow to get to the cache.  I took a variety of pictures, finding myself somehow inspired by the idea of getting some footprints.  As I got back to my car, I noticed a small building behind the church.  On a whim I looked and realized it was an old fashioned outhouse.  It did not look like it was being used as an outhouse any more.  It also looked like some animals were using it for protection from the weather.


Those weren’t the only interesting things I saw, but those were some of the ones that came to mind first.  Pretty soon, I’ll be done with the temporary lull in needed finds and back to checking off days.  We’ll get back to more regular postings about my attempts to complete the 366 Challenge then.


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3 Responses to Filling the Calender Update

  1. I am also on a mission to fill up all my finds. I have only 13 more days to fill up.
    I missed two days. One in Feb and one in March. Now I must wait a full year before I can get those two days. I have now resorted to adding an appointment into my diary for every open day.

    • tripcyclone says:

      Ouch. I have come close to forgetting before. Your idea of a calendar entry seems like a good way to remind yourself.

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