366 Summer Update

It is summertime, which means I am almost halfway through the year.  It also means I have a break from watching my calender thanks to a previous attempt at a 100 days streak.  I unfortunately have been a bit lax with updates so here is a rough update on my attempt at a 366 Day Challenge.

The stretch of time from roughly May 19th through August 31st was already full on my calender.  That meant that once I had filled in the calender up to that point, I was already done with eight full months filled in.  I met that goal, but with a few mishaps along the way.  My wife got a bit annoyed with me on one cache due to it’s position on the side of a busy stretch of highway (frankly, it annoys me to).  I had one day since my last update that I almost missed, getting a find in the final hour of the day.  Through in a few bad weather days and it was an interesting stretch through April and May.

Currently, my calender looks like this:

June 11th 366 Calender
As you can see, I have only 43 days left to fill.  The heaviest month will be September with 15 days to fill.  The easiest will be October with only eight.  It is nice to see such a filled in calender.

I came to find out an interesting detail while I went through my stats this year.  Previously, I had not heard of a different form of the 366 challenge.  This new form (well, new to me) involves finding caches placed on all 366 calender days.  I was even more surprised to find out that I only need ONE day to complete that challenge.  November 13th.  I also discovered that there is a cache placed on that day less than 60 miles from home.  There are several more in the Omaha area too (I have not checked Kansas City yet).  That makes me happy as it is another potential challenge to claim and one I really did not need to work at finishing.  I have most of it done already.

Back to life, hopefully with a few more updates this summer than what I have done the last two months.  🙂


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