31 Finished Days

The 31 Days of August are over and I can say that all 31 days had a find.  Filling my calender with finds is also back on my table with 43 days left to complete.  So what thoughts did I have about the 31 Days?

Finding all 31 days was not too overwhelming for most of the month.  Outside of a few days, I had easy access to unfound caches.  The hardest days were while I was traveling.  Minnesota found me away from caches for several days, but by including some local travel I was able to make the finds.  One of the days even involved wild blueberry picking, which was lots of fun.  The other hard day was yesterday as I was again away from nearby caches.  Thankfully, my in-laws were willing to make a stop at a marina so I could get out and make my only find by boat during the streak.

Getting to add more souvenirs to my souvenir page is a nice bonus.  However, I agree with many who stated that it seemed like a cheap gimmick.  Maybe not completely cheap in my eyes as each souvenir is unique to that day.  I personally would have enjoyed discovering finding all 31 days earned a special souvenir of some kind.  In the Geocaching Forums, one user created a Mega-Souvenir reflecting completion of all 31 days.  That would have been cool to earn.  I’ve heard others mention some kind of animated souvenir, maybe one that ran through all 31 individual souvenirs.  That would be cool too.  Of course, to make it truly worthwhile, I think that whatever “special” souvenir could have been awarded is one that would have been kept secret until today.  It would be less special if people completed all 31 days KNOWING that they was a special souvenir to be earned.

Maybe something like this (which I made after originally publishing this post):

An animated souvenir I made to celebrate finding all 31 days of the 31 Days of Geocaching.

An animated souvenir I made to celebrate finding all 31 days of the 31 Days of Geocaching.

All in all, the idea of people getting outside to geocache every day is a great idea.  It promotes getting outside, getting active, and exploring your environment.  I can say that I found caches in four different states as part of the challenge (MO, ND, SD, & MN).  I found lots of traditionals, but also an event, and a wherigo.  I had some side adventures to go along with geocaching, such as boating & skiing, picking crab apples and blueberries, and making a find with my wife and father-in-law (who I think went back and found one we had missed on his own).

Geocaching always provides some fun and exciting stories, big and small.  Those are the stories that make me keep finding more.


Update: After publishing this, I started trying to see if I could make an animated souvenir.  I’ve since added it to the post.

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