Feeling Sick Sucks

It is something that really does not need to be stated. We have all felt terrible when we are sick and it is not fun.  I usually can do okay when not feeling good but these last few weeks have been rough.

At the start of Labor Day weekend, something seemed to get in my system. On Saturday morning, our first full day at the lake, and my eyelid was swelling, my lips felt dry and puffy, and I seemed to have a rash. This was unusual for me, but I soon found myself suffering an allergic reaction. This was a first for me.  We have no idea what I am allergic too and probably will not learn. Nothing happened prior to this that seemed out of the ordinary.

It took until the following Wednesday for my body to stop trying to swell.  Yay! Back to healthy…until Thursday.  Sniffles started to occur. By Friday, I felt like I had a cold.  I stuck through work and even put in some extra time to finish up some stuff. By the time I got home, I was out of energy. I spent most of the evening on the couch. My voice was almost non-existent thanks to trying to speak to kids OVER the hum of three fans on high trying to combat the heat.  It was a rough weekend. 

Sunday rolled around and I felt good enough to be active.  The rest of the week seemed to go well. Yet a cough persisted.  It still persists and seemed to get worse over the weekend. So here I am, out of work another day as I try to wrangle this cough. 

Being sick can suck.  Feeling sick for two weeks is worse.


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